Goff on DPS

On RadioLive May 6… Goff was talking about security at Waitangi….

WILLIE JACKSON:  No security?

PHIL GOFF:  No, I said that’s the one exception. That’s because they insist on being there. But you know, I’m telling you this, if any department’s budget blew out by 20 per cent you’d want to know why. And frankly, I’m fed up with hearing the excuse I didn’t know about it, you know, it wasn’t my concern, I’m not responsible, somebody else did it, I wasn’t driving it. You know, you’ve got to front up to some personal responsibility.

Phil Goff has totally undermined Labour’s point of attack on the DPS security around the Prime Minister.  Phil now admits he has no choice whether the DPS follow him or not – but claims the PM does? I don’t know how that works.

He said the DPS weren’t with Clark at Parliament.  He was wrong.

He said the Budget blowout was all the fault of the PM.  This was wrong and a breakdown of figures show Labour’s overspend on  VIP protection was larger.
Then yesterday Hipkins criticises DPS shiftworkers for taking a break together in a pathetic and dangerous attack on their professionalism.

Labour thinks the Government has its priorities wrong.

Gimme a break.



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  • kevin

    Not much chance Goff would need ‘protection’… only from people falling over in front of him laughing at his on-going gaffes.

  • hello

    What a crack-up his quote is. And frankly, I’m fed up with hear­ing the excuse I didn’t know about it, you know, it wasn’t my con­cern, I’m not respon­si­ble, some­body else did it, I wasn’t dri­ving it.

    I wasn’t driving it – yeah like the excuse Helen used about the motorcade. Yeah, we’re sick of that kinda thing too Phil. We agree with you.

  • Mr Blobby

    Who does our Prime Minister need protecting from. Why is Waitangi the one exception?

  • peterwn

    Helen Clark must be furious with being dragged into this with her movements coming under scrutiny in this way.

    I cannot understand why Phil Goff keeps banging on about this. I suspect it is gaining traction with some of the electorate, mainly those who would not vote National anyway.

    Actually Crusher Collins should be quietly asking DPS to up Phil Goff’s protection. He is far too valuable as Opposition Leader – to National.