Good job

Greenpeace isn’t a charity, it is a political lobby group and now they have lost their appeal.

Greenpeace has lost an appeal against a decision to remove its charity status.

The organisation was stripped of its charity status under the Charities Act of 2005.

Under the new act, it had to apply to the Charities Commission for the same status, however it was refused.

The Commission originally ruled Greenpeace hadn’t been maintained exclusively for charitable purposes.

Since then it’s been fighting in the courts to appeal that decision, but today the High Court has rejected that appeal.

Good job. There are plenty more alleged charities that fail this test. I suggest the Charities Commissions gets cracking on enforcement.



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  • titanuranus

    There are plenty more alleged char­i­ties that fail this test.

    Exactly,time to look at religious organisations that stick their oar into politics.
    If some preacher wants to have an opinion on a political issue ,then the prick can start paying tax like the rest of us.

  • gazzaw

    Hear hear titan. It would appear that Capill stuck more than his oar in.

  • Mr Blobby

    Was it big enough to be called an oar.

    But yes the 3 independent pillars of our society.

    Injustice System

    Religious Cults

    And MMP

  • lcmortensen

    Greenpeace is the IRD in drag – they take your money and pay it to the Government (in fines for breaking the law).

  • gazzaw

    Just let my mates in Aussie know because as far as they are aware Greenpeace is still a registered charity there, Not that they have a fat rat’s arse of a show of getting things changed while the Greens are pulling Julia’s strings.

  • Ministry of Justice

    I think Greenpeace should keep its charity tax status. Taxing not-for-profit organisations is like a double tax on those that donate.

    Yes, Greenpeace is political but so is Plunket, Barnardos, Women’s Refuge, Save the Children and Unicef (these other organisations all lobbied for the repeal of section 58.)

    At least Greenpeace isn’t funded by the tax payer.

  • Ministry of Justice

    Oops… I meant section 59.