H-Fee Hodgson strikes again

Pete Hodgson was Labour’s brilliant strategist who dreamed up the failed and botched H-Fee sting against John Key. Now he is the brilliant mastermind behind the so-called DPS spending scandal. Knowing that Hodgson was involved meant that it was only a matter of time before it went wrong spectacularly.

And it has.

You see Labour overspent by more than 700k in the last two years under Helen Clark. She had DPS with her full-time from about 2007, as mentioned in one of the stories I linked to in my post last night.

DPS overspend under Labour

Then there’s Goff saying he’d kit out the DPS wth Triumph motorbikes.

And that’s even before you get to the fact that $600k of the $800k overspend is from an agreement signed by Labour in the dying days of the previous Government.

Then there’s the fact that the police operate independently – with Judith Collins skewering Hodgson for smearing their judgment too.

Oh – and to top it all off there’s the fact that threats against the PM are on the record.

This has become a full-on cluster f*ck for Phil Goff. He should cut Hodgson adrift and fast. meanwhile Trevor Mallard, Chris Hipkins and Grant Roberston are all looking like complete tosspots as well.

Labour are out of ideas, irrelevant and flailing away at anything. It isn’t working. They really should have rolled Goff. Perhaps they should take the PMs advice and hire someone effective to do it and do it quickly.

Pete Hodgson is a mastermind strategist


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  • roger

    If hone key spent some of his ill gotten gains(if you were a money market dealer?????) in nz($50000000) sold his island pad and bought the coromandel peninsular, we would not have to spend so much protecting him from kiwiblog groupies,ie layabouts (real workers dont give a fuck about him,we are trying to stay ahead of all the shit thats happening)but facist posters think hes the bees knees

    • Mr. Infinity

      Woger, is it pure absinthe today?

  • jabba

    I think his appeal is due to the difference between him and the toxic clark roger. Maybe, once the budget is reached, all protection should cease until the next financial year. You ok with that rog? The man is rich, you are not, move on.

  • thor42

    When it comes to Labour, this quote is appropriate –
    “Houston, we have a problem…….”
    I am *soooo* looking forward to the election this year! It should be more fun than ever, with the likely revitalisation of ACT, the pathetic sideshow of the Moaner Party and the going-down-in-flames of Labour.

  • roger

    Actually i am really cash rich, and mortgage free.( You ok with that rog? The man is rich, you are not) i chuckle at idiots, keep posting,i will.

  • roger

    This family moves in the same circle of people that hone key moves in in another life


  • roger

    The don brash , hone keys new master could use these brothers as a source of inspiration, for his fellow troughers, and right wing posters

    Charles and David Koch are worth $42 billion and make $13 million every day

  • adolffiinkensein

    H Fee Hodgson”

    H Bug, more likely.

  • michaels

    Collins: “Helen Clark is still running Labour” Beautiful.
    Close Up

  • kevin

    Well she was the minister of everything and knew all so…

  • kevin

    red whine rog…

  • jabba

    I’m rich, I’m rich .. I’m very happy for you rog. The Labour Party are looking for donors after insulting Owen Glenn so maybe you can flick a lazy 100k to help them make NZ what you want it to be

  • mediatart

    Let me see.
    Labour lost office 21/2 years ago , yet they are responsible for a butget blow last year.

    Someone in the police doesnt know how to …… actually …budget. They knew it was coming but heh. lets pretend it isnt and present an orchestrated litany of lies which cant be possibly be met.

    The other thing Collins was forced to admit Key is merely a yes man, as long as someone takes the blame, he says ( repeatedly) I just did what I was told.

    Funny they didnt follow official advice when giving TV3 a 43 million loan ( which English lied about)

    • gazzaw

      MT, are you on the absinthe as well?

      “Someone in the police doesn’t know how to….actually…… budget.” Well, the man in charge at the time was Helen’s stooge Howard.

    • titanuranus

      Get a grip MT, for 9 looooong years every problem Labour had it was Nationals fault,thats how politics works thought you would have known that.

  • peterwn

    Mediatart – John is delegating – that does not make him a ‘yes’ man.
    A key performance indicator is whether John’s safety is maintained. If John is bumped off, the Police Commissioner loses his performance bonus.

  • zork

    All mediatart and roger posts have had clearance from the New York branch of labour. She is still in charge of everything.

  • reid

    Yeah sure it’s propaganda – duh – but it will get them a 10k uptick in the next few polls.

    It’s part of the Blue State Digital meme to break Key’s halo.

    Next episode TBC.

    • reid


      I wonder what would happen to National if people did begin to see Key as an evil banker?

      What’s the bet Hulun’s been paying close attention to the very latest attack-ad techniques and digging into who knows what using her new-found NY contacts from Key’s Merrill-Lynch days?

  • Mr Blobby

    It seems interesting that our leaders can travel overseas and nobody cares who they are and they are perfectly safe.

    But at home they need extensive protection, from whom? The people who elected them, there own people, the racists, the white mother fuckers, who I ask?

    Deep down we probably know who but it is not PC and seen as racist if we say anything.

    No Monkey is either a scarred little Rabbit who is afraid of his own shadow, or someone who shall not be named has put the hard word on him.

  • mediatart

    Spending a lot of time commenting at the Bolshy Blog Whale?

    Or was it a chance to advise Trev on target practice on Faffar who didnt realise most were there to celebrate a most unholy matrimony

  • cadwallader

    I think Hodgson has a future in films…Jurassic Park V?

  • Trevor Mallard

    Whale the reason the budget blew out in 2007/8 and 2008/9 was that John Key demanded DPS presence well beyond what any Leader of the Opposition had ever had before, except for Brash for a few weeks when under threat. There was a discussion about it at the time and Ministers decided that it would be inappropriate to intervene.

    Clark generally took one DPS officer with her on official international travel and none on holiday. Key takes four on holiday.

    • And the reason for the $700k blowout under Clark????

      Silence…bugger…was hoping I wouldn’t mention that huh?

      You guys really should start paying Blue State Digital again because if this is the best you’ve got then you’ve got nothing.

      • oldlogger

        And the reason Key needs more protection Trevor, is that when your lot don’t get things the way you want them, there are those amongst you who see the need to resort to violence (Hone’s nephews), or the throwing of missiles at those who speak out (Boscawen, Brash).
        No wonder Helen thought she needed less protection. Not a tactic the right employs.

        • Mr Blobby

          So is that a vote for scared little rabbit afraid of his own shadow or parties who won’t be named have put the hard word on him and he is running scared.

          • oldlogger

            Oh, and lets not forget the attempted arson of John Keys electoral office and the recent case before the courts.
            John Key need protection?…….Na, course not