Has Cosgrove changed teams?

Clayton Cosgrove appears to have changed teams, not only that it appears he has negotiated a Ministerial portfolio as well. This was from his email he spread all over parliament. Clayton Cosgrove never was one to hold back on promoting himself.

The online version has been corrected.

Cosgrove promotes himself


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  • michaels

    They are obviously part of a team. And the team likes to share their fuck ups between them.
    Press sec stupid or Cosgrove doesn’t check his releases?

  • royaloaks

    Does Cosgrove even know what he releases. Maybe the press sec and Cosgrove are both stupid.

  • The mere thought of Clayton Cosgrove batting for the other team has just killed my appetite for dinner …

  • titanuranus

    He will need a new suit for his new job,better send him off on an overseas trip.

    • Yeah; it’d be a real shame if his bags went missing AGAIN!