Has John Key sold out Nikki Kaye?

Under pressure from the right, John Key has changed his policy on emissions from farm animals and is talking about exempting agriculture from the ETS.

Agriculture looks likely to get a free pass out of the emissions trading scheme if National is re-elected, despite generating about half of the country’s carbon emissions.

Labour pledged at the weekend to bring forward agriculture’s introduction into the scheme, but Prime Minister John Key said yesterday that agriculture would not be “thrown to the wolves” if other countries did not get on board.

In doing so he will likely alienate a lot of urban liberals, the type of people that threw out Judith Tizard and replaced her with Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central. The yummy mummies and chardonnay socialists in Ponsonby will likely be re-evaluating their vote for National and Nikki Kaye if National change their commitments to the ETS.


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  • naylor

    What has Nikki Kaye achieved since becoming an MP?

    • tonyjoe

      Increased the hotness quotient!!
      Ruth, Steve, Nanaia anyone????

  • Lower the average age for MPs

  • andyscrase

    (1) Methane from cows is a natural part of the carbon cycle. CO2 makes grass grow, cows eat grass, cows make methane. After 8-12 years, the methane breaks down into CO2 and the cycle continues.

    (2) Global methane emissions plateaued at the time of the last IPCC report.
    See Fig 2.4 here

    (3) We are the only country in the world addressing this.

  • johnqpublic

    Nikki isn’t really that hot, but I’ll still vote for her. She took one for the team with that rubbish collecting gig the other night on the tele. Some of it went in her mouth apparently. That’s worth a tick.

  • kehua

    The whole ETS is acrime against Democracy, seems like the Rural Economies are in for a flogging from Labour( they will not lose one vote). National could get a shock though, we will not vote Labour,Green, Act, we may just not vote at all. ETS is a plile of Bullshit and as such will produce more methane than any live cow.