Has the tide turned

There have been many professional polls that show that support for MMP is still there. However Yahoo!/Xtra have had an online poll asking if it is time for MMP to go.

Yahoo! Xtra poll

That is a massive poll and a massive result. Even if it is slightly wrong I am starting to wonder if the tide hasn’t turned on MMP.


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  • whafe

    And I bet that most of the voters whom voted in this poll to get rid of MMP, voted for it years back…

    About time they have come to their senses….

  • thecelestialgardener

    Small parties pissing in the soup that they drink from – got to love it!

  • realist

    online population polls are often highly inaccurate because they are not representative of the population. If a more accurate poll was conducted the results could be dramatically different.

  • zork

    Or not, you might just say this a rogue poll !