Helping Labour collect better data

Labour is running an online questionnaire about cost of living. The first question is straight from my playbook for them that I helpfully gave them earlier in the year.

Anyway in the interests of collecting a better data sample here is the link to their survey. They also have space for suggestions, feel free to leave helpful ones for Labour.

I am sure the Whale Army has some useful suggestions for them.

I love helping Labour help themselves.


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  • Doug

    Done but they won’t like it, poll driven idiots won’t like what they see.

  • gazzaw

    Ha ha. They won’t be following me up in a hurry.

    Have fun WO followers!

  • fordtruck

    Just filled in their survey. Labour will not like my response either.

  • jimmie

    done – what morons they are

  • toby

    Pretty fucking cheeky of them to require you tell them your name, address, phone number and email address. I gave them false details of course, but it’s still bloody cheeky.

  • peterwn

    Toby – that is part of the idea. If you give pro Nat answers, they will ‘blue dot’ you in their database and not bother with you again.

  • thor42

    Done. I gave my name as “Frodo Baggins” of Middle Earth……. ;)

  • johnboy

    Charles Triplex told them it was time they doubled the cost of living.

  • PeterWN – brilliant, no more Trevor Mallard street corner rallys outside my house. If you can call one person a rally (and that person being Mr Mallard.)

  • I’m not prepared to give the Labour Party my name, address, phone number, or more especially allow them to collect my IP address. I quite simply don’t trust them.