Herald Digipoll

The latest Herald Digipoll is out:

  • National  – 54.4 per cent
  • Labour  – 33.7 per cent
  • ACT – 1.7 per cent up from 0.9…nearly 100% increase in support
  • Greens – 5.5 per cent
  • Winston First 2.7 per cent

Mana didn’t register, expect Bomber to now start abusing the Herald for their polling because his beloved Mana party wasn’t mentioned.

As Farrar notes in his Herald column (still has it despite Bombers rude emails):

So one would expect the only debate to be about how much of a bounce this budget would give Labour – how much would the gap between National and Labour close.

The gap in the last Herald-Digipoll was 15%. Five months ago (before National announced its privatisation plans) National was at 52% and Labour at 37%.

In today’s Herald, the first post Budget poll is revealed, and it shows the opposite to what most would expect – the gap has increased from 15% to 21%. National has gone up 2% and Labour has dropped 4%.

Labour’s budget response was pathetic. I said on radio Live yesterday that the Greens were now the default opposition, despite their numbers. Only they provided a decent counter to the budget. Labour are becoming more and more irrelevant and to prove it we have Labour’s campaign manager releasing the latest stunt to claw back vital poll ratings in the lead up to the election.

Instead of focussing on what matters to Kiwis he is trying to have a pissing contest with a right wing blogger.



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  • chuck

    Is there any history with Herald Digipoll like there is with Roy Morgan so one can see trends?

    • mediatart

      Herald Digipoll, of course, we all remember their headline on the eve of the Auckland Mayorality election.

  • overthehill

    Haha! What a good idea – I reckon go for it! Maybe go one further and get sponsorship (proceeds to Chch recovery) for the winner’s trophy!

  • axeman

    Yes on cue the Useful Village Idiot of the Leftards is rubbishing the Herald Digipoll as ‘bullshit’ and ‘brainfart’. Yet when that venerable and experienced polling icon, Horizon, showed the Mana-less MOFO party at 2.9%, he was intensely ejaculating into the cybersphere.

    Can someone please pass Bumber a tissue.

  • ltchop

    ACT – 1.7 per cent up from 0.9…nearly 100% increase in support
    pathetic what they found two more voters ? far from the 15% Don was promising Wa’il
    The biggest laugh has to be the preferred leaders – Hone out strips the great Don !!!
    ACT an epic fail yet again !