Herald Witch-hunt

I see yesterday that Mark Hotchin has finally had a gutsful of the witchhunt being run at the NZ Herald by them and in particular Brian Gaynor. He has decided to sue their arses off them for defamation.

Former Hanover Finance director Mark Hotchin is suing the Herald and leading business commentator Brian Gaynor for defamation over criticisms about the company’s collapse.

In a statement of claim lodged with the High Court at Auckland, Hotchin referred to a number of columns and a profile feature published in the Weekend Herald between 2008 and 2011.

It says the articles had damaged his personal and commercial reputation and caused him to lose commercial opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

The Herald attempts to editorialise in their headline claiming they are being sued for “alleged defamation”. You can’t of course be sued for alleged anything let alone defamation but that didn’t stop the herald.

I’m surprised they didn’t mention John Hotchin as the brother of Mark. i am also still waiting for The Herald to spend the same amount of money finding out the name of the politician with the secret dogs names as they spent overturning the historic name suppression of a victim.

I imagine that some of the evidence may well relate to the persecution and witch0hunt that the Herald has pursued against Mark Hotchin. There have been 125 days this year so far and the Herald has amassed 66 articles online that mention Mark Hotchin in the same time period. That is one article every two days.

To put that in perspective a similar search for Don Brash shows just 80 articles since the beginning of the year and most of those are in the past two weeks with more than 40. The other 40 are spread over the whole time period.

It is clear that the Herald has been running a campaign against Mark Hotchin in a bid to sell papers. I think he may well have a good case here.


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  • michaels

    How come Mark can afford to sue but his wife couldn’t??

  • naylor

    Cactus Kate looks at that issue and says “lawyers generally don’t ask for cash in advance when their client is subject to a freeze order do they? In fact most lawyers around town work on credit terms for clients. Some clients don’t pay for 90 or even 180 days. Go down Shortland St and you will hear the whinging from law firms of slow payers.”

    Can’t wait for the stoush between this guy Julian Miles QC and the Herald’s QC whoever it is. Which silk is representing Brain Gaynor??? He’s been touting for a law suit for as long as he has been writing in the Herald. So about time someone has a crack at him too.

    At any rate the Herald has changed from a decent paper into a trashy publication and is desperate for readership. WO’s right, who else over the past few years has got so much publicity than this guy Hotchin???

  • hapuka

    hotchin screwed over thousands of people and showed no remorse. he gets no sympathy from me. none.

    • The Herald has made statements like yours and they are now on the receiving end of a law suit.

      Mark Hotchin didn’t screw over anyone, those people had a prospectus, they chose to invest in Hanover, and no one forced them into it. Hell they even put it to the vote several times.

      • tristanb

        He did screw people over. He continued to encourage new investors when it was pretty obvious the company was falling apart (at the same time distancing his own cash from the business). If anyone tried to publish information that gave Hanover bad publicity (i.e. inform the general public of the poor state of things), he’d sue them.

        He ran a shit business, took money from investors, and made it sure he would not have to clean up once it all hit the fan. It’s the same as a builder taking payment, but never building your house.

        He’s a cock, Whaleoil. A narcissistic cock with a bitch of a wife. Shit business owners do not help this country.

        • Rubbish. I saw this behaviour by so called investors in 18987 when I worked for a bank. Little old ladies would walk in and break their term deposits to walk up the road to get another 1/4%. They took their money from a stable trading back and put it with Equiticorp and Goldcorp and other palces…all for an extra fraction of a percentage point.

          They were stupid then and they were stupid with Hanover. That doesn’t make Mark Hotchin public enemy number one. Bear in mind that Mr Magoo in South Canterbury Finance has cost this country more than $1.2 billion so far. That cost every taxpayer on average far more than the average that greedy investors lost in hanover. And Hanover hasn’t cost the taxpayer a single cent. Why isn’t Mr Magoo being vilified with 66 articles in 124 days? huh?

          What about the $300 million a day Bill English is spending? No vilification there either.

          Those so called investors in Hanover need to look in the mirror instead of blaming other people.

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  • titanuranus

    While I have no sympathy for Hotchin,I really don`t have any for the investors either.
    Too many believe want they want to believe,then bleat when it all goes belly up,far better invest in lotto or the horses.
    At least it was`nt govt guaranteed like the SCF clusterfuck,or was it?
    Any chance I can get my Lotto investments back?