Hot off the tip line

Rumours are swirling that the esteemed temporary Leader of the Labour Party is to take at least a week off from the election campaign to attend his son’s wedding.

Attending your son’s wedding in itself is an obviously important duty as a father however let’s just unpack the problems with this at a political level.

  1. If your own son believed you could win the election wouldn’t he ensure the timing of the wedding was outside the election campaign process?  I mean, if my Dad was likely to be PM I’d be doing everything to help him get there – even postponing my own wedding.
  2. Is leaving the country for a week a good idea?  I don’t know.  It might pay to ask Jim Bolger and a number of other former Leaders what usually happens when you go overseas.
  3. Is Goff trying to outplay the PM and show that he too can attend a wedding overseas?  I’m not sure how much media coverage junior Goff’s wedding will get though.
  4. Do the polls say that you can take a week off work?  I suspect they don’t.

Now, let’s look at the positives.

  1. Attending his son’s wedding will remind the wider public that Goff is not Clark.  He is a family man.
  2. Attending his son’s wedding will remind the wider public that Goff is just like Key.  He is a family man.
  3. OK, so

Poor Mr Goff, can’t get a break anywhere.


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  • cactuskate1


    A week out of the country and Goff’s polls will improve. Watch.

  • abjv

    Wonder what would happen if we leave him overseas for a month then.

    Mind you, if it is during the RWC, he could leave for a week and no-one would notice. There won’t be many pollies getting airtime while that circus is on.

  • titanuranus

    Phil who?

  • gazzaw

    More than a possibility for a Herald headline during Phils absence.

    ” ‘Et tu Silent T’ were Goff’s final words. “

  • thor42

    Quick….. someone sterilise him so that the genes can’t be passed on……
    The last thing this country needs is “Grandson of Goof” or “Granddaughter of Goof” getting into Parliament and fucking things up like Cullen and the Clark-beast did.