Hunting update

I have spent the past 4 days in the Central North Island learning to hunt Quail and Pheasant with dogs. It has been a blast and now I am knackered.

We have walked and driven most of the northern part of  Kaingaroa Forest, up around Murupara and Kaingaroa township and some of the southern part near the Napier-Taupo highway.

I’m very pleased with my Beretta AL391 Urika that I won at Hamills Duck night, and now very pleased with my Tikka T3 .308 that I also got from Hamills Manukau. I will review each gun separately this week, but for now here is what I shot a 4pm this afternoon.

Whaleoil, Tikka T3 and Fallow Deer

It is a Fallow stag, sans antlers, I used a Federal Power Shok .308 Winchester 150gr Soft Point. The shot was 109yds and went through and through with a 2″ exit wound. On the way through it took out a couple of ribs. At 109yds the velocity is 2532fps and hits with 2134 foot pounds of energy. The little fella went down hard and never got back up.


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  • alwyn

    Come on.
    Do you really expect us to believe it was exactly 109 yards?
    Why don’t you just say it was 100 metres or, if you insist on working in yards that it was about 110 yards. Spurious accuracy sucks.
    On the other hand, thinking a bit further, if you actually measured it off with a laser rangefinder I withdraw the remark.

    • It was exactly 109yds. I know it was because I had one of these:

      It wasn’t spurious accuracy, it was 109yds exactly and using True Ballistic Range Finding.

      Since most ammunition and Forearms are made in the US it is useful to think in yards. Also most scopes are designed with Yards in mind not metres. It matters because if you are shooting at say 500yds there is a big difference between that and 500 metres. 500yds is only 457m. That could alter bullet placement bu 6 inches…the difference between a clean kill and a nasty one.

      • alwyn

        Ok I am eating humble pie.
        I thought at first you were converting ‘about’ 100 metres.
        Then I thought a bit further which is why I added the comment about the Laser rangefinder.
        I must admit my last shooting was long, long ago at school when they took us shooting on the Roys Hill range in Hawkes Bay.
        They once had us shoot over one thousand yards with old WW2 303s. Standard sights with no telescopic assistance. You could barely see the bloody target.

  • kehua

    Didnt have any feral Fallow in that area 10 years ago, was it feral or farmed?

    • I wasn’t in Kaingaroa and no it isn’t farmed.

  • oldlogger

    Stag sans antlers at this time of year = fawn.
    Puddytat and bambi….epic fail

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