Is Julia Gillard a heretic?

Yet more proof that Australian Labor are more right-wing than Don Brash’s ACT party.

That nasty Julia Gillard wants to pay some teachers more than others

Before the last election Labor promised to pay bonuses of $75,000 to primary schools that improved performance in literacy and numeracy tests.

This week the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, confirmed next week’s budget would commit $425 million to honour another election promise – to provide bonuses of up to $8100 to the top 10 per cent of teachers. The results of the tests are one element expected to be used to determine which teachers receive bonuses.

Sources inside National tell the tipline this is why Anne Tolley has introduced National Standards. However John Key probably considers these sort of policies “extreme”.


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  • thor42

    We should be doing this here (offering bonuses to the top teachers). I’m sure we won’t though.
    Not unless we have an ACT government.

  • Mr Blobby

    Yes there should be a performance bonus based on good work, but it should be assessed externally not by the principle rewarding his/her pets.

    There should also be performance bonus in the school funding recognising good results. Not the worse you do the more we give you philosophy.

  • matt

    Should Don be quoting JG, then?

  • I’m not sure whether she’s a heretic, but she’s definitely the worst Prime Minister in Australia’s history – worse than KRudd, worse than Keating, worse than Hawke. And that’s really saying something.

    The really interesting (for kiwis) thing about the Australian Labor Party and their Fabian Socialist leader is that they prove just what a fucked-up communist shit hole New Zealand is. The ACT Party, labelled ‘far right’ by the LSM and ‘extreme’ by the fucking lightweight Prime Minister, is a mile to the left of the ALP on most issues. The ALP makes it clear the Key/English National Government are so fucking far to the left, Key is rubbing shoulders with Mao and Stalin.

    Brash for PM. It’s the only chance NZ has of sliding off the bottom of the OECD charts and into the third world.

  • chiefsfan73

    Julia is full of the poo. All her posturing of late is a sad attempt to divert public attention away from the carbon tax she absolutely ruled out pre election, which the greens have now told her she must have, and in doing so made a f#$king great liar of her. Tony Abbott has been bring her down in flames, so she is trying to appear tough by going after her old union buddies.
    When the smoke clears she’ll still make Whitlam look good.