Labour fails in social media again

David Cunliffe fails againDavid “Cluster” Farrar blogged about David Cunliffe and his dodgy poll about a budget that hasn’t been delivered yet. At the time he blogged the responses were 86% against the budget which hasn’t been delivered.

Now some hours later the poll is showing a radically different result.

Whoopsy! Labour fails again.

If this self important tosser can’t run a simple poll on an awful website then how the hell can he presume to want to be Finance Minister or after he stabs Phil Goff, the leader of the opposition.

Keeping Stock points out some delicious revenge for tomorrows Question Time.

We look forward to a question to John Key or Bill English tomorrow afternoon along the lines of “What reports has the Minister seen with regard to the public’s response to the Budget?”!



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  • reid

    A better screenshot is one including his promo photo beside the results – it makes it more informative.

  • Why does Labour persist in fighting the election in cyberspace? They get a hiding from the VRWC every way they turn. The only explanation I can offer for this one is that Cunners is desperate for a boost to his profile before he tries to roll Goff.