Labour: Out of ideas now making shit up

Like many Labour people Chris Hipkins has no idea how business is run, he certainly has no bloody idea how things work in the motor trade.

Team McMillan is a franchise holder for BMW, any deal done by the government (or their agents) is done directly with BMW NZ, and a cursory glance at the companies register shows that there is no connection (other than the franchise agreement) between Team McMillan BMW and BMW NZ. Clearly Chris Hipkins, the wunderkind of Labour and their bright future, didn’t do even that.

For Hipkins or Labour to suggest that Team McMillan had anything to do with the purchase of the new ministerial fleet is nothing short of outright lies.

Big fleet clients or government departments have for some time now dealt directly with the importer. A recent government deal negotiated with Mitsubishi Motors NZ did not involve any of the Mitsubishi dealer network, this is standard practice.

The reason for this is simple, government departments and big fleet customers pay considerably less for their new vehicles than the dealer pays, understandably the importer is not keen for this heavily reduced price to become common knowledge. Unless of course work-shy fools like Chris Hipkins happen along and shoot off their mouth.

I suspect that Team McMillan would be quite keen for Hipkins to repeat his comments outside the house, at the very least if I was them I would be demanding an apology from Hipkins.


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  • As I noted on your next most recent post about Hipkins, he’s already backing away from his comments yesterday, without acctually going as far as saying that he was wrong. The money quote is in this morning’s Dom-Post:

    Mr Hipkins later clarified that his concern was about who would sell the old BMWs.

    In the comments section of that post, resident Labour apologist Mediatart ran the “explaining is losing” line;if that’s the case – Chris Hipkins; you ARE the biggest loser!

  • buffalobob

    Not to mention Trevor all but accusing the government of corruption during the General Debate yesterday……..

  • paulus12

    Hadn’t seen little Chrissy Hipkins before last night’s news.

    Reminds me of our late lamented Little Ginger.

  • kimbo

    All you say may well be true, WO.

    However, as you have pointed out before in your rules of politics, rule # 1 in fact, if you are explaining, you are losing.

    Hipkins has what he wanted – a headline

    • buffalobob

      You’re right there…….he is trying to get as much TV time as possible, because Labour’s polling indicates he will suffer decent loss in Rimutaka in November………

      • gazzaw

        You’re not far wrong Bob. If Hipkins has any brains he will be looking to get a job
        with one of his socialist mates with a 28 November start date. Not too sure what you do with a criminology degree but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a job at Corrections while Judith Collins is at the helm.

  • kimbo

    hmmm. Maybe.

    Labour got a bit lucky on the timing (they were due for some!), because now they can spin the following together: –

    Increased costs to the little people via reduced support for Kiwisaver/Student Loans/WFF
    All funded by gst increases, and income tax cuts for the rich.
    With business mates helping each other out with a nod and a wink selling and driving BMWs at the expense of tax payers.

    Like most political messages it is simplistic crap (like Brash’s “One law for all/no partnership in the ToW” slogan), but at least it is a message that is capable of getting some traction.

    But what is the bet that Labour manage to drop the ball again? Chris Carter is due to publish his memoirs soon, isn’t he?

    • gazzaw

      Kimbo, I agree with most of what you say but I really thik that the PM has very successfully distanced the government from the deal. It’s all gone downhill for labour since about 5.00pm last night. As usual TV1 weren’t up on the play and used a headline on the 6pm news that was way past its use by date but who knows that may have been intentional.

      • One News will have taken its cue directly from Francesca Mold and her close friend Kris Fa’afoi. The story gets handed to them on a plate, and the fact that they barely mentioned Key’s ofiice’s denial is just further evidence of how reliant they are on The Goffice, which is full of ex-TVNZ staffers/EPMU members.

        So much for the independance of the state broadcaster.

  • grizz

    On the matter of the ministerial fleet. It is unfortunate that the details are commercially sensitive. This above post could also spin the idea that selling the existing 3 year old fleet at local market prices individually and replace them with a “cheaply” important new fleet would churn a profit or at least be cost neutral. Shame the finances of this deal are not made public as I am struggling to believe that this is the case, however I am willing to concede that I could be pleasantly mistaken.

  • gazzaw

    The PM has thrown down the gauntlet this morning and challenged Trev & Tiny Trev to repeat their statements outside the House but of course they won’t because they were telling porkies.

    Trevor, you will read these posts at some time today so come on , show us your alleged cojones & let Bob McMillan take you to the cleaners. Maybe just maybe you and TT were lieing to the House yesterday. We’ll judge by your actions.

  • hard1

    The elected leader of NZ cannot be important or appear to be so , because the de-facto law of the land is that no-one is better than me . I cringed when Helen was flying around in a crop plane with an open door , when Our Leader should have been in RNZAF One . These cheap new Beemers don’t have bulletproof glass , which is a bit of a worry when there are people around like the Born-Again-Christion-Maori-uprising-fearing Wellington Police communications staffer up on illegal assault weapons charges .

  • roger

    Fuck on radio live i have just listerned to the dog shit called bill english, be afraid of old dog crap, fuck english wants to stuff up NZ up,a toxic old pile of shit from the past, NATIONAL english is burned out garbage with no redemming features,

  • mediatart

    dear Children , you are not watching closely enough !

    A few days BEFORE the decision to go ahead with the new BMW deal ,a function is held at a swanky BMW dealers showroom. Its a fundraiser so MONEY is doing all the TALKING.
    You cant be serious, and suggest that the local BMW NZ chief WASNT as this function espeacially as its attended by The PM himself as the guest of honour, and the same person who left with his pockets STUFFED with money.

    And lo and behold , within a week , a decision is made to splash out on new BMWs, is spite of it being times when ‘nice to haves’ are getting hammered. of course as part of the deal , the old ones will be traded in.
    Its a win win win.
    Win for BMW NZ ( new cars ) and win for Macmillan BMW ( used cars) and a win for Key ( bags of cash).

    Hipkins couldnt believe his luck , that the story would run another day and the explainers would be digging up old reports that noooo one reads to pass it off, instead the next angle of the money to be made from the used cars means more headlines

    • gazzaw

      So are you telling me tart that I will be able to call Team McMillan tomorrow and put in an order for a 3 year old ex Government-issue Beamer?

    • gazzaw

      Tart, I am bitterly disappointed. I called Team McMillan today and they aren’t expecting any BMW fleet disposals over the coming months. Any ideas?

  • mickrodge

    Awwww tart, what a good conformist little troll you are. Keep repeating cold hard codswollop & the people will eventually believe it.

    Give yourself a swift uppercut comrade.