Labour's got nuthin

Labour's got nothingLabour are now complaining about the PM’s official residence being painted. They are really plumbing the depths of irrelevance.

With Trevor Mallard running the nasty lines and with the others running the stupid they are proving daily that they are out of idea, have no policy, and are paying for second place. Chris Hipkins is a Clark taught spin weasel so not surprising he is in on the act.

It also shows just why Clinton Smith was brought into the Goffice. So that Labour could go feral.

Unfortunately everything they run turns to shit. The signs were illegal, the billboards got mocked, the DPS sting backfired, and now the house painting is going to as well.

You see, Labour is beating up about a house painting but they forget that they authorized the spend up of $46.6 million in order to makeover the country’s most expensive state house, Government House in Wellington.

Yet another fail from Labour.


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  • whafe

    Surprise surprise, the Pinko Labour Cluster Fucks are continuing to screw up every time they open there mouths….

    If they just sat back and thought through a few things strategically, they may not screw up… Must be amazing in a meeting, a bunch of chooks with their heads cut off. But Goff says how good meetings are…. PPppfffffftttttttttttttttttt

  • Doug

    Government House renovation.
    In May 2008 the Labour Government approved expenditure of $47.4 million for the project but this was reduced by National because of tight economic conditions.
    By removing the proposed visitor’s centre, car parks and some roading $4.7 million was saved.

    Two houses for the price of one!!

  • jaghut

    I don’t want National to get too cocky, tempting as it is seeing piss-poor opposition tactics like this.
    The gap narrows in the polls closer to the election, and underestimating the opponent is never good strategy.
    The right needs to take the fight to the left to ensure the socialist agenda does not gain a stronger foothold in New Zealand.

  • lcmortensen

    Couldn’t National have gotten a cheaper quote? And in a nation of DIY, why didn’t John do it himself…

    Of course, everyone is going to complain from the left and right if they have to modify Parliament to fit the 136-tonne whale called Cameron Slater in there!!!

    • gazzaw

      What a dumbass statement about DIY. You need to do better than that.

      The less said the better about the rest of your pathetic post.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Whale me nasty? Just promoting your mate and celebrating your partnership. I know you love publicity. Is he shy?

    • monty

      Trev – we are used to you running nasty lines – we expect no better of you. Just like we expect the idiots Hodgson and Hipkins to run stupid (something you don’t deny) But really – is Labour that devoid of issues that they jump up and down about DPS and Painting a historic Building? You aprty is headed for the massive defeat and all Dumb and Dumber can do is make it worse.

      Why don’t you take both of them around the back and smash their heads together.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Next set of questions early this afternoon.

    • Aren’t we paying you to be an MP from Monday to Friday Trevor?

      Most of us who blog can do so because we’re not public figures, therefore our opinion mean jack-shit at the end of the day. On the other hand, you are a senior member of Labour’s caucus, Labour’s second-equal longest-serving MP, and you are blogging gossip and smears on a blog which carries the logo of the Labour Party and which purports to be “the voices of Labour MP’s”. Every Labour MP is now tarred with the innuendo you are blogging; not that I’m complaining mind!

    • gazzaw

      Hasn’t Pete ‘trougher’ Hodgson left on his freebee to Mexico yet? Trev, your lot would be a lot better off if you had someone credible to deliver all of this horseshit. He’s pathetic but fits the bill of the archetypal school pimp perfectly.

    • gazzaw

      Great stuff Trev, your sidekick Hipkins has broken the news about the paint job. If he wants to defend his pathetic 600 majority in Rimutaka he’ll need to do better. Where’s Hodgson this week?

  • Trev, you really have to have a think as to why Whale is a better opposition than Labour. He’s even been handing you your platform “Are you better off under National?”. Very few people are! Also, Labour got turfed out on BEHAVIOUR not on POLICY. Why don’t you get this? The public are looking for Labour to start acting like political adults with a modicum of standards. More of the same is not going to do it. Love ya, hope your body is on the mend, but you really, really don’t get that things have moved on.

    Remember: don’t wrestle with pigs ’cause the pig likes it and you get dirty.

    You’re even rising to Whale’s bait.

    I simply can’t believe you are this out of touch.

  • sthnjeff

    Must admit $215k for painting even a big house is not a good look in the publics eyes at the moment. There could be a lot more to it than that in terms of having to replace rotten timber work etc, but in times of Austerity, better to go for a job that will stop deterioration than “the full monty”. It is all about public perception

  • johnqpublic

    I live in a building that had ONE of it’s exterior walls painted, at a cost of $70,000. I’m no expert but $215K could be about right, it no doubt featured interior work too,

  • deputy

    The sight of that old man from Dunedin “Trougher Hodgson” getting his jollies by trying to dig dirt on the Nats is a pathetic non event.

    What a turn off for a potential voter looking to improve our lot. Labour just do not understand what we want in an effective opposition.