More on Labour's DPS lies

It is very hard to go past Helen Clark’s very own words to prove the lies that Labour has been running about the DPS and John Key. [emphasis mine]

“Personal protection came from the Diplomatic Protection Squad of the New Zealand Police who stayed very close to me for the whole nine years.

This was from her Valedictory speech. It is very hard to reconcile Hodgson’s and Goff’s lies about Helen Clark’s use of the DPS with her own statement. The use of the word “whole” makes it pretty emphatic. So does “very close“.

Here asome more pictures of Clark and the DPS. One at Wellington train station for an interview and one with her at Bastion point amongst her mates including former Labour MP Joe Hawke.

Helen Clark and the DPS

2 members of NZ police's diplomatic protection pictured left and right oversea an interview being given by prime minister Helen Clark in corner of Wellington train station. Photo: Daniel Van Kessel


Helen Clark and the DPS at Bastion Point
Helen Clark and the DPS at Bastion Point

I just love how Labour are prepared to hang out the troops of the DPS in order to score political points. Goff better hope he doesn’t win the election because I don’t think these folk are going to want to put themselves in the way of harm for him.


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  • gary

    Lies, lies & more lies… Over at Red Alert, Hipkins states, “Helen Clark almost never took DPS with her when she was on personal travel overseas.” ( ) So she did take them at times on her personal overseas trips. Labour can’t get it right at all!

  • meridian

    Biggest problem the DPS would have in protecting Goff, is the hardest people to protect someone from are insiders, and pretty much all of them have the knives out for him at every given chance!

  • gazzaw

    Goff is probably already wearing a kevlar vest. Back to front!

    Et tu Brute.

  • roger

    Got a bit of a fixation going here Cam

    • gazzaw

      Not too sure who exactly has the fixation with the alleged dirt Wodge & your old mate Trev has promised more to be delivered early this afternoon. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Still not as bad as your fixation with the booze, woger.

  • kram

    Joe Hawke a DPS, Well I never!

  • deputy

    Let’s face it, the duck is full of crap. The threat to reveal more dirt today is typical of Labours broken promises. Why dont they put forward some solutions to our financial problems rather than indulge in the politics of envey.

    Roll on November when the duck will have his wings clipped and looking for a new pond.