NEWSFLASH: Labour tells the truth

Labour has said it will use the Emissions Trading Scheme to fund its R&D policy.  At least they are finally being honest that the ETS is not an environmental policy and nothing more than a tax.

Back when David Parker was Climate Change Minister, he advised the Chairman of the ETS Select Committee, Charles Chauvel, in a secret paper that the ETS would raise $21 billion in extra tax by 2030.  That’s why Michael Cullen and the Treasury always supported the ETS even though they knew it would hurt the economy – it was a dishonest way of raising taxes.

The paper was kept secret and Labour always denied the ETS would raise tax – but Whaleoil has been given a copy by a deepthroat in the Treasury.

Nick Smith and Bill English are also lying when he says the ETS is fiscally neutral.   Smith supports the ETS because he is a mad greenie and his mate English supports it because he wants the $21 billion.

So, congrats to Labour’s Phil Goff for finally telling the truth – the ETS is all about taking money out of our pockets and handing it over to the Treasury to spend.

Letter From Minister Re Revenue and CPR 30 May 2008



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  • mediatart

    Logged on at last !
    I think you have fogotten one thing whale, which is even worse than your conclusion , “carbon taxes can go to fund pet projects”.

    Certain sectors have to ‘pay’ for their excess greenhouse gasses from their funds and some have them paid for the taxpayer- in this case the farmers. In the budget was $1.2 Bill for the taxpayers to pay someone elses CO2.
    Labour would merely let the farmers pay their own way and thus the government would have a spare $800 mill or so.

    So as you can see Key & English are sending $1.2 billion overseas to pay for those countries who are funding our excess CO2, probably ex soviet states whos heavy industry shut down after the end of communism, ie the 1990 Kyoto ‘year zero’

    Of course the Kyoto/ carbon tax paying others is so stupid its unbelievable , but we are borrowing from overseas so that Key and English can send the money staright back , in return we get a piece of paper with CO2 credit written on it. Thank you for your prompt payment , – same again next year.

    Ps for those others logging on, dont try to ‘remember me’ it seems to work best without for a while