No rush Hone

Hone Harawira has delayed his resignation.

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has delayed his planned resignation from Parliament, saying he wants to take the decision back to the people of his Te Tai Tokerau electorate.

Mr Harawira said at the launch of his new Mana Party on Saturday that he would resign from Parliament yesterday to force a byelection.

But yesterday he said he would now probably not decide until after he had further consulted his supporters in Northland.

“The people back home make the decision on where and when. So I will be taking it back to them to get their views.”

Good on Hone, standing on his principles. He has plenty of time, until May 26, so it is right that he spends the next couple of weeks consulting widely in his electorate.

There are a number of things to do, he needs to make sure he has the 500 members of the new party in order to quickly get registration and he also wants to stand as the Mana Party candidate which he can’t do until the party is registered. He should be able to muster the members in that time, particularly if UNITE union members become affiliates. Once the Electoral Commission registeres the party then he is good to go.


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  • dave

    Hone will be able to run as a Mana Party candidate whether the party is registered or not. Tariana Turia stood as a candidate for the Maori Party in her by-election – even though the Maori party wasn’t registered before nomination date.

  • michaels

    And in the mean time Hone can catch a few more planes and taxi’s on US.

    • Agreed Michaels. I think that Hone has just realised that the money tap gets turned off when he resigns, and that if he wants to attend hui up and down the land, he’ll have to pay for it himself or rely on koha. He spent almost $45k on travel and accomodation between 1 January and 31 March, and that’s dosh that would have to come from his own pocket once he resigns. The longer he delays, the less of his own money that he has to shell out.

    • gazzaw

      A trip for two to Paris for the weekend maybe?

  • timboh

    He is doing it for no other reason than he would get hurt in the pocket. He met the Speaker about the by-election and found out he would have to resign first and that would mean the taxpayer salary would stop. He is a dope who shoots from the lip but cut the cask and he backpedals!

  • peterwn

    I wonder if he thought he would get the 3 months ‘run off’ pay that MP’s get who are defeated or do not stand again. Not surprising that he would be addicted to his Parliamentary pay packet, he would not have earned anywhere near this before entering Parliament or after he leaves it.

  • peterwn

    … not to mention the 3 months ‘stand down’ for the unemployment benefit if he resigns – aka ‘voluntary unemployment’.

  • whafe

    I have no respect for Hone what so ever. The man is a disgrace to man kind…

    Dishonest racist fucker

  • roger

    Has anyone noticed that when hone and his mummy walk together ie on tv mummys just behind him hand up the trougher tossers back pulling the strings.

  • gazzaw

    Great koha if you can get it.

  • jabba

    close-up should be fun tonight

    • gazzaw

      If Hone and Don can get a word in over Sainsbury.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Affiliate members don’t count as members for the 500 members requirement. To become such a member requires a personal act, and a personal financial donation.

    Also, Dave is right. Hone can run as a Mana candidate before Mana is registered.

  • roalex

    The Financial Transaction Tax touted by the Mana Party was originally adapted by Kelvyn Alp for the party DDP in 2004 for the 2005 General Elections. (And he has proof of this) He has carried that policy into the OURNZ Party (going through formal registration).

    Kelvyn approached Hone Harawira via Hone’s relations seeking to unite minor parties with similar aims. Hone asked for 1) the OURNZ Party policies (available at to see if there were areas of agreement and 2) Mike Tamaki to call him. This was done and contact ceased.

    His application of the Transaction Tax is inappropriate and will raise prices.

    The original policy: Taxation rates are too high, meaning that companies are at a disadvantage when competing for foreign investment, business on the world stage and for real growth.

    The solution is a 1% Transaction Tax on all outgoing financial transactions. The tax will replace ALL other taxes including many “hidden” taxes. Software programmed into RBNZ’s electronic clearing system will state daily transactions of the banking system, meaning implementation will be simple. Calculated on total transacted amount per annum, a tax of 1% will provide the Government with sufficient operating revenue.

    Some think it would negatively affect the economy. This is a false notion and it will have a beneficial effect on the economy through being able to tax money that is now untaxed. This solution will bring prosperity, increases in employment and less dependence on the State.

    Money was intended to distribute goods and services at an agreed value. Money was never meant to be a commodity. The solution is not to tax the real wealth of this country (labour, resources, business etc), but rather to tax how wealth is distributed. With no income tax, nor GST to pay, everybody will effectively have a pay rise.

    So, the only Party that understands the application of the policy properly is OURNZ Party and we shall be campaigning on this and other policies this year. Join us on the OURNZ Group discussion page on Facebook!

    • cadwallader

      I think I recall a Financial Transaction Tax being championed by the Funny Money Party back in Bruce Beetham’s day.(Wouldn’t he have loved MMP?) It is not a novel idea.

      I saw Hone with Don on the news tonight. Hone is so stupid it seems cruel to even have him on public display. There were not two sentences from him that weren’t ridiculous non-sequiturs. I would say Don has sharp wits but looks older than he is. This is a pity as (wrongly) it will count against him at the polls.

  • thor42

    It’ll be interesting to see if Hone gets the 500 members so that he can found the Moaners Party.
    Prospective members (at least, those who can count) will need to fit the membership fee into their dope/booze/dole budget.

  • roger

    Watching brash and hone on tv, result brash go back to the old peoples home and die , you looked OLD and pathetic. Hone who i hate said what we think,Hyde in his silly yellow jacket walked knocked and and won the seat and a old tosser who should be dead came in and rolled him. fuck the walking dead wants power,give me a break

  • thor42

    I see that Hone is accusing Brash of “aiming to destroy Maori”. Oh…. for….. fuck’s….. sake……..
    Earth to Hone – ***No-one*** is “aiming to destroy Maori”. No-one *needs* to.
    They are destroying **themselves.** Smokes, booze, violence.
    Oh, and of course Hone will say “this is all the white man’s fault”.
    Well….. no-one holds a gun to a Maori’s head and forces them to smoke.
    No-one forces them to drink. No-one forces them to bash their family and their mates.