No wonder he quit

A couple of weeks ago Marty G quit is a great huff from The Standard. The VRWC has long suspected that Marty G was Clinton Smith after he quit previously as Steve Pierson when he scored a job in the Parliamentary Library. The writing style was similar as was the content.

Then what do we find out today via the tipline.

Clinton Smith is now working as an advisor in Phil Goff’s office. Any doubt that The Standard is closely linked to the Goffice is now removed completely.

No wonder Marty G signed off from the Standard.


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  • jabba

    won’t he just reinvent himself .. Goff will be keen for for to continue his work for the party cause in the blogsphere

  • Very interesting WO; especially in view of the serve that “Marty G” gave Labour as he walked out and slammed the door behind him:

    Can you imagine National meekly signing over Parliament’s sovereignty to a minister, all the while complaining that the minister had lied to them and that the powers were unjustified? Of course not.

    The millions of Kiwis who are suffering under National need a Labour worth voting for. Every time Labour lets itself be tripped up by petty squabbles, by indecision, by fear of standing up and defending its principles, it is we New Zealanders who lose. CERA is just one example.

    I desperately, desperately want a Labour-led leftwing government at the end of this year. It fills me with dread to think what Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand will look like if National is allowed to plunder it for another three years. But I can’t go into battle for the Left’s ideals every day when our parliamentary representatives go and do this to us. I’m going to take a break from national-level politics and this blog, and get more involved in activism in my community, especially Transition Towns. I’m more and more convinced that communities can do a lot to ready themselves to weather the age of peak oil, and that strong communities are the guarantors of a sustainable and democratic society.

    Hardly a ringing endorsement of his new boss, is it.I wonder of anyone from the Goffice has got in his ear about it yet.

    • reid

      CERA is one of their memes this campaign. They have nothing else so they have to paint it as a giant scary boogeyman of biblical proportions.

      They’ll probably start accusing CERA of secretly being the vehicle through which the govt will arrange asset sales, thus further decimating the poor innocent workers, especially those in poor beset Chch.

      All alone, but for Liarbore.

      I wonder, given that Chch is almost wholly owned by Liarbore, whether it’s occurred to those good people who live there, that perhaps Liarbore isn’t the answer, after all?

  • lcmortensen

    The Leader of the Opposition’s office is a Goffice.

    The Prime Minister’s office is in a potplant next to the toilet room. (Where else would you put the John Key?)

    • reid

      Excellent wit Ic.