North Shore Selection

This blog has a strict policy of not endorsing candidates, though it did endorse the “Anyone but Brent” candidates in Rodney.

The selection contest for the last safe National seat in the Auckland area is shaping up to be a race between broadcaster Maggie Barry and a former Auckland City Councillor.

Ms Barry is highly fancied for North Shore where Defence Minister Wayne Mapp is retiring at the November election.

Paul Goldsmith, a former press secretary to three Cabinet ministers, is her closest probable rival, but businessman Michael Single is said to be in with a chance thanks to his local credentials.

So for all five candidates in North Shore tonight good luck and you can rely on the National members to select the best person for the electorate.


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  • you can rely on the National mem­bers to select the best per­son for the electorate.

    I suspect that popularity will trump competence.