Or they could sell advertising

The pinkos are whining about being hard up at Radio NZ.

Radio New Zealand’s financial strategy rests on cake stalls and selling a couple of grand pianos, MPs have been told.

The public broadcaster’s chairman, Richard Griffin, told Parliament’s commerce select committee yesterday that it could only survive a government funding freeze for a further two years.

The board was now considering asking listeners to help fund its Concert station. “We’re looking at the real possibility of setting up a trust … in an attempt to actually have people reach into their pockets on the basis of their belief in public broadcasting.”

The board was unsure if a trust could elicit much extra money. “But something has to be done … We can’t live forever on the [current] funding.”

Here’s a thought…Radio NZ has the largest audience, they are essentially moochers because the station carries no ads. How about they start carrying some advertising, in small amounts, say around news bulletins to make up the shortfall.

People might buy sausages of the local scout group but they sure as hell won’t for Red Radio. Every other radio station has to run ads to survive, time for Red Radio  to join the real world.

Ad free National radio is definitely a “nice to have”



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  • liberty

    Radio NZ has passed its use by date. It had a place in the 1940 -50. The world has moved on.
    The Government providing free entertainment for the Old and the infirm is in the “Nice to have but we don’t need it basket”

    • devlsadvocate

      Oh, I don’t think ConcertFM is just for the elderly – but the cost to benefit is dismal. I’d personally like to see that valuable FM real estate replaced with the BBC World Service (Auckland Radio Trust rebroadcast it on 810AM in AKL). ConcertFM listeners can just be encouraged onto the internet instead where the audio quality’s better anyway – at this point its probably cheaper to buy ’em all a free broadband connection and put a server on loop than run the station for a year…

    • cadwallader

      The BBC is also 9pm to 9am on 999AM.

      When Lindsay Perigo left National Radio many years ago he gave them a superb blast and predicted their obsolescence. I am surprised anyone listens to their Leftie garbage.

  • jman

    I far rather listen to Newstalk ZB. Even though their ad to content ratio can be often be annoyingly overloaded with ads, at least their content and the talent of their hosts is for the most part superior.

  • stevewrathall

    There’s a Radio NZ?

  • thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888


    given that national radio gives us

    Kim Hill – pinko who holidays in Cuba and hates capitalism and the US
    Chris “taxichit” Laidlaw – pinko, labour councillor and person who thinks he is smarter than any evil capitalist
    some woman on 9-noon every weekday who clucks disapprovingly at anything the national party does, and cares deeply about pinko issues
    jim mora’s panel which is inevitably “humourists” (ie., unemployed people) telling each other how clever they are for despising americans and the Nats…
    Oh and lets not forget the happy ethnic morality kids stories and afternoon “theatre” at the weekends.
    Oh, and that plagiarist irish chick who is probably quite cheap at least.

    Is it any wonder that people might start to wonder about the “balance” and “impartiality” part of their mandate.

    Personally I used to love Nat rad, its eclectic take, interesting science and ideas.
    but at the moment, I can just take the dumbed down morning report with nice (geoff) and pinko the hamster (the new chap) and I love public holidays when Matinee idle is at least genuinely inspired programming.

    So, has Nat rad done its dash, well sadly yes, I see no reason for taxpayers to fund radio PPTA and the labour party at rest quite frankly. So long, but I won’t miss you.