Permission for bus trips but not for abortions

Judith Collins is injecting some sensibility into the debate currently being had over abortion procurement for under 16y.o. girls by schools without parental advice.

Police Minister Judith Collins has pledged to support a call for laws to prevent girls under 16 having abortions without their parents being told.

Collins said she would support a private member’s bill requiring parents to be involved before a termination could take place.

She could not introduce it herself, because ministers can only introduce legislation related to their own portfolios, but her stand comes after the Sunday Star-Times revealed a mother’s anger that a school counsellor arranged an abortion for her teenage daughter.

While in opposition in 2004, Collins proposed the Care of Children Act be amended to make parental notification mandatory for girls under 16. The act allows a female of any age to consent to an abortion. Collins proposed that if a girl objected to parental notification, a doctor would contact the district court to arrange an appointment for the girl to see a judge in chambers within 24 hours.

Judith Collins is being consitant with her position when she was in opposition. It is beyond ridiculous that children, yes if you are under 16 you are a child, can have medical procedures performed on them without parental consent or at the very least informing them.

Liberal tossposts like Bomber will scream that this is interfering with womens rights, and these would be the same people like Phil Goff who proposed legalising consensual sex down as far as 12 years old when he was last in government. This is nothing to do with women’s rights and they know it.

What is farcical is the bevy of forms and permission slips that get sent home from school asking parental permission to attend swimming, or a bus trip to see a play, and the forms for school camp are truly tree destroying. Yet the same schools that insist on parental permission to attend a play at another school via a bus trip seem to want to willy-nilly be able to truck a young girl off to the abortion clinic to have an unwanted child reefed out all without informing the parents.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way. If you have to have parent’s consent for a bus trip then you sure as hell need on for an abortion.


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  • How about this. We were asked to give our permission for both our children to attend Bible studies once a week when they were in year 5 and 6.
    At intermediate however they showed them a ” Puberty/ sex video ” without notifying us or asking our permission at all. Our daughter said that it was GROSS.

    Soooo learning about God requires permission but learning about naked bodies and sex and masturbation is quite fine.
    I have the right to teach my children about all of the above the way I want to, not the way the STATE wants to.
    No mention of love or waiting in State sex talks. No just stick on a condom and screw everything that moves, no problem. And when you get pregnant just trot down to the school counsellor for secret abortion.

    When they kicked God out of schools in the 60’s they also kicked out parents rights. It is all about giving children too young to vote and to drive and to have sex, rights to screw up their lives without pesky parental influence.

  • lcmortensen

    In this day in age, it’s more opt-out for bus trips than opt-in. Too many 16-year-olds know how to forge their parents’ signatures.