Poor form Chris, withdraw and apologise

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So now the so called party for the working Kiwi is attacking police officers who work shifts and weekends for taking a break together?

F*cking pathetic.

And he definitely shouldn’t be reporting on their movements.  I doubt they’ll appreciate that.

As a former PM’s office staffer he should know better than that.


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  • deputy

    Typical response from a scum bag labour tosser. I hope that DPS take note of this pathetic little germs attempt to undermine their integrity. Bloody hell a mans got to have a meal break without some Dickhead spying on them.

  • Mike Readman

    Labour’s the party that pushes for workers’ breaks, so what’s he on about?

  • buffalobob

    Wont be long till this little cunt is a scum List MP too….No Ron Mark to steal votes in Rimutaka this time!

  • thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888

    Mike is right. Isnt it interesting that labour treats workers like peasants at every opportunity. How dare DPS staff have a meal break.

    Maybe his big beef is that they are cluttering up Bellamy’s where only their betters should be eating? How dare they!

    Up the workers eh!

  • bandycoot

    What A Tosser!!!!!

  • james

    What do you expect from John Campbell’s love child?

    Seriously….have a close look at him.

  • Hipkins blames Key for everything; it’s his default setting. Even Chippie’s ginger hair is the PM’s fault ;-)

  • gazzaw

    So now we know who is going to take up Hodgson’s job as Labour’s dirt digger. At least he has job security in the labour party.

  • How much public service is the worthless MP cur­rently eat­ing lunch in Cop­per­fields providing?

    • Mr. Infinity


    • hello

      Hilarious. So true.

  • Hodgson and Hipkins; Labour’s equivalent of Batman and Robin …

    • bunswalla

      Reminds me of the old riddle: If the answer to the question is Cockrobin, what’s the question?

      • bunswalla

        What’s this in my mouth, Batman?

  • giblet

    This is a cue for the public to now begin reporting on Hipkin’s movements. Let’s see how he likes it.

    Imagine if this had been done when Darren Hughes was out that night !

    Incidentally, where are the criminal charges for Hughes?

  • peterwn

    inventory2 – you mean ‘Flatman’ and ‘Ribbon’ after the election (like being run over by a steam roller).