Since it is budget week

via the tipline

Here is a copy of a bill from one nights drinking in Las Vegas. It is real, I know a person who was there.

I do however have a few of questions.

  1. Where is McCully and Groser this week?
  2. What will the ministerial expense claims look like next release?
  3. How would you go about covering this one up if it was you?
  4. What one of these items is the hookers?

Note to Barry Colman and Busted Blonde, this is a real piss up using Veuve Clicquot. It is now nine months since the VRWC won the competition for Busted Blonde and still no party. Babies have been conceived and born in the time it has taken for this party to eventuate. Meanwhile in Las Vegas $189,375.98 USD was consumed prior to midnight at Tryst in Las Vegas.

Legendary Piss Up

Note the tip is more than the average wage in New Zealand. This is what the NZ tourist industry needs, not a bunch of wailing, dancing Maori in grass skirts feeding the masses greasy hangi for $50  a head begfore them back on the bus they came on.


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  • abjv

    It came out during the Tiger Woods fall from grace. The drinks are ridiculously priced, the hookers are free. All so they don’t show on the tab.

    If the bill is genuinely on the public purse, it would take an awful lot of (swiss) balls to explain it away. Kind of makes a Shane Jones $14 porno pale into insignificance?

  • whafe

    Fuck me, 9 bucks US for a Redbull…. ;)

  • Mike Readman

    You’d think they’d throw in the Redbulls for free with a bill like that. The tips from that club were subject to a lawsuit concerning the way they were split. I’m not surprised.