Stay out of jail if you don't like the food – Collins

Dean Wickliffe is having a sook and a whinge about the crap food he got in the pokey when he served time for murder.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins has a message for the long-term prisoner who is demanding healthier menus: “stay out of jail if you don’t like the food”.

Dean Wickliffe, one of New Zealand’s longest-serving inmates, wrote to Corrections boss Ray Smith asking for greater variety of more affordable and healthy food for purchase in prisons.

But Collins said: ”If he was so worried about the food in prison, he had choices in his life.

”One of them was to not commit crime to end up in prison for long stretches. Hopefully before committing any other crimes, he would like to remember the food he found so boring and tasteless.”

Dean Wickliffe has forgotten that he was in prison for a long time not a good time. Wickliffe should be thankful he spent time here and not in the US where they have Nutraloaf.

There are many different recipes which include a range of food, from vegetables, fruit, meat, and bread or other grains. Some versions may be vegetarian or completely vegan. The ingredients are blended and baked into a solid loaf form. In some institutions it has no fixed recipe but is simply the regular prison meal (including drink) blended together. In one common version, it is made from a mixture of wheat bread, non-dairy cheese, various vegetables, and mixed with vegetable oil, tomato paste, powdered milk and dehydrated potato flakes. Prisoners do not need utensils to eat it, and it is generally served on a piece of paper, rather than a tray.

In fact I just bet that Judith Collins will now ask Corrections to implement Nutraloaf nationwide at all prisons. It has been tested legally of course:

In April 2010, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona won a federal judgment for the constitutionality of nutraloaf.



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  • reid

    Sounds yummy.

    I wonder if there are any renderings in it?

  • gazzaw

    I’ll bet that his prison tucker is way better than the ration packs served up to our boys and girls in Afghanistan so get f*****d Wickliffe and be thankful that society even considers that you’re worth keeping alive.

  • thor42

    Heh… good to see good ol’ “Sheriff Joe” featuring in this story…… ;)
    If all of our cops were like him, there would be ***fuck-all*** crime in the country.

  • peterwn

    Paul Miet had no say when Dean held up his jewellers shop. He successfully argued to the Appeal Court that he did not mean to shoot Paul but they still gave him life for manslaughter.

    There used to be #1 abd #2 penal diets as well as bread and water until some soft head abolished them (they were copied from UK prisons along with most NZ prison procedures etc).

    Actually, NZ prison menus have been devised by nutritionists to adequately meet nutrition needs.

  • jimmie

    Well what I would like to see is:
    Every Sunday lunchtime have a sumptuous roast lamb/beef meal with all the trimmings in every prison in NZ. Then make all the inmates sit around and watch the guards sit down and enjoy a big feed.

    Afterwards make the inmates wash the dishes and clean the table down – that way they can understand what losing your freedom is all about

  • cheshirecat

    I’ll be watching with interest to see how this pans out – the way my life out here is at the moment, if the food inside does get better then a long time away might become a better option.
    To any Dairy owners reading this, dont worry. The solution to things might be somewhat closer to home and the kitchen.