Still Hunting…blogging is light

Today it was Quail. Tomorrow is Pheasant and Fallow Deer. Maybe a Mallard or two.

I spent all day in the Kaingaroa Forest chasing Quail with my new Beretta AL391 Urika from Hamills and Beretta. This is the first time I have hunted Quail and also the first time I have hunted with dogs trained to flush birds. Watching the two dogs work is a real pleasure. Safety is paramount though and so  I checked first to see that no one with the surname Cheney had a permit for Kaingaroa.

I was told that Quail shooting is a real rush and after flushing a few coveys today I am hooked. Until today my new shotgun hadn’t been fired at game and on the first covey that flushed I bagged a hen. My shooting coach was impressed telling me that normally people miss quail because of the sped and mayhem of the flush.

I also loved seeing the pig hunters driving down the road with a dog on the bonnet of the ute. Caught up with some Mongrel Mob fellas who had nailed 4 pigs before 10am. They looked pretty pleased with themselves.

Kaingaroa is a big place…and I have walked probably half of it today. As I said tomorrow I am going after Pheasant and will also have a crack at some Fallow around dusk with my Tikka .308 from Hamills.


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  • kehua

    Go for a morning walk anywhere on the south side of Rotomahana Cam in the pumice gorges, Samba country.

  • Ministry of Justice

    This sounds more beneficial than anti depressants.

  • mediatart

    What about something with a hide ?
    But seems it was only wounded and not finished off – is that how it works, if it shows its mug it gets blown away

    • whafe

      You are such the sad individual mediatart, you never cease to amaze with your negative, glass is half empty, the world owes me attitude…

  • mediatart

    While on the hunting angle: this video is ‘The guy who shot Bin Laden’. Very funny

  • Mike Readman

    I thought you were continuously hunting Mallard.

  • roger

    guns and depressants=SCARY

    • whafe

      You ignorant fuck head roger… What the fuck would you know about firearms and depressants? Sweet fuck all I would suggest…

  • raider580

    For extra safety you could have had Teddy Kennedy drive you.