The English Dilemma

No this is not a post about Bill English, it is about Phil Goff – and his English dilemma.

After the recent drop into the 20s in the Roy Morgan poll mainstream media commentators are finally making the comparison between the Bill English 2002 election debacle and the current shambling, crippled campaign of the Labour party, currently being led by Phil Goff.

Massey University political communications commentator Associate Professor Claire Robinson said it was a very similar look to Mr English’s promotional material in 2002, the year he led National to an election drubbing.

He was pictured with a tie but no suit jacket, and adopting a similar hand-in-the-pocket look.

Professor Robinson said the look made Mr English appear too young to be a prime minister.

“Mr Goff is not going to be seen as too youthful, but he’s trying to appear relaxed. It’s trying to humanise him, but when you see the pictures of him and Bill in the same pose, you get the impression they’re trying too hard to present themselves as something they aren’t.”

Political advertising is just like real world advertising, just usually more brutal. Basically the image you see as portrayed has to bear some resemblance to reality. As they say inside the beltway after getting their focus group results and polls, it has to resonate.

Phil Goff’s new look, dyed hair, new walk and cheesy smile doesn’t resonate, it just makes him look like a try hard. So far about the only thing Phil Goff hasn’t done from the 2002 National playbook is step into the ring and get pounded and bloody. Perhaps he is saving that for November 26.


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  • liberty

    Goff is history.
    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  • reid

    Whatever he’s like in private and I understand and can believe he’s quite a good guy, in public he always has had a sneering, critical approach to everything, even when he was just a Minister. Very rarely in all his public appearances has he been positive and constructive, building up, not putting down.

    You add them all up over the years and I’d be very surprised if even one in ten appearances on telly, was positive. Probably not even that.

    He can’t seem to change. He seems to think this is how he has to operate. It’s too late to change now, he’s too set in his ways. Whatever he does between now and when he resigns in December, will not alter his perception by the public, one iota.

    And for someone as experienced as he is to have done this for years and decades apparently without calculating and nor noticing what it was doing to his image, shows he’s not much of a politician really, in that he doesn’t understand at all how people who don’t support him, actually think. He clearly has no idea how floating voters think and those are the ones he has to connect with.

    He’s not even a sow’s ear, he’s closer to a sow’s arse.

  • reid

    BTW that Stop Asset Sales sign in the background is going to be done by guerrilla marketing.

    I saw some of those in the first floor windows of a strategically located building just opposite where the buses pull into Wgtn Central bus station. You watch them spread. They’ll become like octagonal garden gnomes.

    Shame that not a lot of lefties have first floor windows in CBD areas, most of those for some reason seem to belong to National voters.