The etcetera policy

Support for the etcetera policy….

Chris Hipkins says:

May 9, 2011 at 8:10 pm

Monty – happy to debate the bigger issues with National any time, any place. Unlike the govt we’ve actually proposed changes to address cost of living issues (GST off fresh fruit and vege, cheaper early childhood education, etc), raise incomes (minimum wage increases, tax-free threshold, etc) and get the economy moving again (monetary policy changes etc).

Seems the strongest policy here is ETC….

  • Fresh fruit and veges – at the most $6 a week for a household…
  • ECE – where’s the cash coming from and when?
  • Minimum wage – 6000 jobs lost.
  • Tax free threshold – $10 by 2016 – if Labour can work out how to pay for it…
  • Monetary policy changes – bigger mortgages/higher interest rates ….

The non-etcetera promises here amount to $16 a week…. maybe….. by 2016.

I certainly support etcetera.


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  • briandoylenz

    haha Love the Alfred E Newman link. He looks just like him!

  • spam

    No, ETC must surely be “Emissions Trading Commitments”. That’s great news if it means that he’s committed to getting rid of those.

  • monty

    I would love to debate the real issues with Chippie – but Trev threw his toys out of the cot because I accused him of spreading smears based on rumour and inendup regarding the fees paid and costs associated with the Brash leadership coup. Trev banned me for two months because he did not like being asked the hard questions and having his lies exposed.

    Trev hates debate because his arguements are flimsy and can easily be deconstructed. Labour have no answers and so far have been unable to tell us how the any Labour Government would reduce the $16 billion deficit (mind you The Nats have been weak in this area as well but at least they are making limited progress)

    • mediatart

      Grow monty , why give you space when you crticise those that run the blog. What planet are you from.

  • stevewrathall

    et cet·er·a/et ˈset(ə)rə/Adverb
    …2. Indicating that a list is too tedious or clichéd to give in full:

  • sweetdisorder

    I was told at school never to use etc because you shouldn’t assume people know the points you are listing.

  • alwyn

    @sweetdisorder 2.25pm
    The problem isn’t that the reader doesn’t know the points you are listing.
    The problem here is that “Wonder Boy”, as Trevor labels him can’t think of any.

  • kevin

    I think we safely assume that ‘LAZINESS’ is the problem. He just can’t be bothered do more than put out a small soundbite.

  • titanuranus

    It`s mildly amusing to see the Labour wankers criticising National for not doing what they had 9 loooooong years to implement yet could not be bothered,and if by some miracle they regain power come this election will still not implement.
    Labour is for Losers,they can`t quite understand why their social engineering and vote buying is NOT working.

  • jabba

    monty .. why those fuckwits didn’t ban you months ago is beyond me. Nearly every comment I read of yours I thought, here we go BUT no. I’m on permanent moderation that can takes hours to be released.
    Anyway, I have banned myself again as I felt dirty reading some of the threads they were posting. I think that you will feel better and better every day from being away. 2 months will leave you plenty of time to challenge them before the election. Silent T said their policies, snort, will be out around that time period.

  • mediatart

    Poor little Chris Hipkins, whos toes has he stepped on ?
    Who possibly could be THAT important that someone who virtually no one has heard of suddenly becomes a target.
    You have to laugh , when labour has been keeping their powder dry for 2 years, suddenly become a real opposition, and some are saying ‘ how dare they oppose ‘.

    But there seems to be a pattern here , Key didnt tell the truth about his Tranz rail shares, where he lived when he became an MP, what he said to a journalist who had a tape recorder, what his vineyard was up to and we allready know when he said he went through ministerial services budget that was a lie and he didnt give it a second thought. And now we know just days before a deal was done over trading in BMWs for a new fleet he was spending time with both BMW NZ AND a BMW dealer , who would all profit from this deal.
    Win BMW NZ, win Macmillian BMW and Win for Key when he walks out from a fund raiser with pockets full of money

    • Mr. Infinity

      This isn’t real opposition ‘tart, it’s pointless mudslinging from a party deader than the Whigs.

  • jabba

    maybe mediatart and hippy are pissed off that labour brought in the 1st lot of BMW’s then set up the contract for the new ones but National got a 50k donation from a BMW franchise .. bwhaaaaaaaa

  • Removing GST from fresh fruit & veg won’t save anybody a penny.

    We’ll end up with more bureaucrats and fresh produce prices will bounce back to where they would’ve been before the revolution.

    Even the Czarina could see that.

    • abjv

      There be weasel words in this policy.

      I’ve asked Labour a couple of times, and each time it is ‘GST exempt’ rather than ‘Zero rated’.

      You pay some GST on the stuff you buy. If you on-sell it and are GST registered, you charge the next payer in the line a little bit more GST, and pass the difference to the Government.

      Let’s take a simple chain. Farmer uses their own seed, grows vegetables, sells to supermarket, they sell to you. Farmer collects GST from supermarket, pays to IRD (less GST they’ve paid on farm inputs: rates, insurance, water, electricity, fertaliser, fencing, machinery etc). Supermarket collects GST from customer, pays this to IRD less the GST they’ve paid on their inputs, which includes these veges. Retail consumer pays GST; ends up as the final payer of the GST as they have no-one next in the chain to collect GST from.

      If Goff’s plan is ‘zero rated’ this stays the same, other than the seller at each stage collects $0 GST when they sell. They can still deduct the GST they pay on inputs, so the IRD collects a little less GST nationwide i.e. the Govt forgoes the GST revenue from fruit and vege and their tax take goes down a little. $6 per family per week someone calculated.

      If Goff’s plan is “GST exempt” then as the farmer cannot collect GST from the supermarket for the veges, the farmer cannot deduct that portion of the input GST from their next payment to IRD. They have to apportion every invoice they get – rates, insurance, water, fertiliser, phone, fencing, machinery etc into the % used for growing fruit and veges and the % used for other things they sell And the IRD can challenge every % decision.

      And the supermarket cannot deduct that portion of the GST it pays on rent, rates, insurance, electricity, fuel… that relates to its turnover in fruit and veges, because “exempt” means “outside the GST regime”. And as farmer and supermarket cannot deduct all of their input GST, their costs go up a little, and we all know what happens next. Also, the Government tax take only drops a little because businesses cannot claim 100% of their GST costs.

      But Phil can say he took GST off food.

      In a real retail transaction flow, the ownership of the fruit and vege passes through several hands. Making it GST exempt means at all stages, everyone involved has to consciously allocate each invoice across the GST’d and GST exempted parts of the business, and every allocation can be challenged by IRD in an audit.

      This is why there are very few exemptions in the NZ scheme, other than the blanket “zero-rated” for export goods (othewise exporter materials costs would have gone up by 10% when GST came in) and a splattering of financial services which are a pain in the ass for banks and insurance companies because of the need to split the GST on every invoice they receive.

      As I mentioned many times previously, there are far better ways to give relief to families – if that is the real intent – without driving up compliance costs for everyone in the country who wants to do business.

  • Mr Blobby

    Take the point, residential rents are tax exempt so the landlord can’t claim their deductions for rates, insurance, maintenance etc. So the cost is passed onto the tenant.
    Same with fruit and vegetables you can’t charge GST when you sell and can’t claim inputs back. So the cost will be passed onto the consumer.

  • paulus12

    Who is Hipkins ? – never heard of him until now.

  • paulus12

    I have just been told that he is the “New Young Hope for Socialism in New Zealand”.


    • gazzaw

      Didn’t Darren have that title?