The lies Labour tells

Labour, Trevor Mallard at least, is frothing at the mouth over the Brash coup. While he is focussing on Brash and ACT though National is getting away under the radar. I have no problems with Labour doing this, it means Don Brash gets to talk about himself and ACt and their policies and it means that labour sees them as a credible threat thereby lending credence to anything the good Doctor has to say.

What I do object to though is the blatant lies that Trevor is now spreading. He is still running the now proven lie that Don Brash said that our nuclear free policy would be “gone by lunchtime”.

Wikileaks proveed this to be false. Further Wikileaks proved that Phil Goff lied about it too.

Goff’s problem is that he is embarrassed by the WikiLeaks revelation.

He should look closer to home.

He had no compunction using notes of a private meeting between former National leader Don Brash and a visiting United States delegation to claim New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy “would be gone by lunchtime” under a National government.

The WikiLeaks documents have something to say on this score too.

Former United States ambassador Bill McCormick wrote in November 2006 that Goff had “misquoted” an Mfat staffer’s notes from the meeting to claim that Brash had promised the nuclear ban would be “gone by lunchtime”.

“Brash denied he intended to get rid of the ban without a referendum, but was unable to respond credibly when Labour said that must mean he was planning to scrap the legislation, which many Kiwis view as an iconic part of the country’s identity,” McCormick said.

It’s notable that Goff refused the Herald’s request under the Official Information Act to release the full notes of the meeting that Brash had with the six visiting Republican senators.

If Labour’s best defense against a resurgent ACT party is a lie then they really are screwed. But thanks to Trevor for reminding us that their leader is a liar and a leaker.



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  • I’ve always had my doubts about the veracity of that comment. Maybe Wikileaks isn’t so bad after all. Mind you, Red Russel Norman might not be so happy today, being outed by Wikileaks …

  • Treor’s just upset that Brash has, within the space of a week, shown what Liarbore should have done 18 months ago and within the same time-space given ACT the balance of power come November.

    He’s upset that Liarbore are now just a side-show like the watermelons, that Hone and McCarten have stolen half Liarbore’s captive vote and the 2011 election will be fought between National on the hard-left and ACT in the centre.

  • whafe

    Mallard & Goff = The gift that keeps giving…..

    Surely to goodness they should have realised that they should keep their mouths shut by now, very slow learners.

    Mallard and Goff are as bent as a rusty old hairpin, couldn’t lie straight in bed…..

    • Whafe, I agree they are a gift that keeps on giving, but I’m not sure I’d call them bent, in the sense of being corrupt. Apart from spending their entire lives with their snouts in the trough but that particular malaise afflicts the entire political class.

      Being communists they are, of course, patently stupid. And fundamentally wrong.

      • whafe

        Was more coming from a viewpoint of being liers (bent)… Not bent like some other party members….. :)

        • Now now, he may have been found guilty of corruption, but really all he did wrong was to work hard for his constituents.

  • paulus12

    Love reading Trevor’s blog Red Alert. Love to see what a load of useless wankers many of those who bitch are.

    Wonderful, hope it keeps going up to the election so we can continue to see what the Labour party represent. They do not realise that anybody looking at the blog can guage their often incredibly self centred extremist comments.

    If this is New Zealand’s disloyal opposition ga’ud help us.

  • grizz

    Trevor Mallard is full of shit. Nothing more than a scaremongering bullshitter. His willingness to spew out yet more verbal diarrhoea reflects how desperate the man is.