The Pants Down Election

Stuff are running stories about Don Brash getting caught having an affair. This is a well known story, and the only surprise is that it did not come up while Don was executing his leadership coup.

What this does is set up all rooting politicians as fair game for the media this election. This blog is all for this, exposing sleaze, corruption and bad behaviour of our elected representatives is a great sport and will provide the voting public with a lot of gossip during the coming campaign.

Expect many politicians to be caught with their pants down, and careers to be ended. This should come as no surprise to anyone in the know as our politicians are no different to politicians in any other country, but they have yet to be caught out.

This is one reason why I will be releasing “The Confessions of a Political Groupie” on 31 August.


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  • michaels

    “The Con­fes­sions of a Polit­i­cal Groupie”
    Good god your not going to write about Miss 20K titties are you?

    However, Stuff have certainly opened up the door now.
    Let the fun begin :)

  • kerrys


    Don Brash back in Parliament! I remember hearing a funny story about this one. I was informed by someone close to the scene that Don’s wife actually sprung him after a number of months of some suspicious behaviour on the part of millionaire inheriter Diane Foreman. This included what will be remembered as an over the top speech by Diane during a National Party conference. I also heard that once Don was exposed, he went running to Diane Foreman, only to knock on the door and discover she had already moved on from Donny and found someone new!

    What holds as a constant though is this. There are all the blind followers who say Don stands for integrity this, integrity that. Perhaps on some issues he does, but theres still no getting away from the fact he did the dirty on his wife. He is after all only human. I mean to be blunt….how often would someone like Don get someone as attractive as Mrs Foreman? Almost never thats when! The dummy should have stayed with his ex-wife, who was too good for him anyway!

    Theres an old saying….what goes around comes around! Sooner or later, Don will suffer the same fate. Good on Rodney also for putting aside his own personal feelings for the good of ACT. That was honourable stepping down in the manner he did! Hope to see him dancing with the stars II? Finally on Donny………the right only want him because he is an easy pawn in a game they are fast losing in NZ. Key is the man to lead NZ beyond 2011. When was the last time any Maori actually liked a National PM?

    As for his President Mr Goodfellow, nice to see some positive feedback on him now. A reporter friend of mine told me his ex-wife who alleged all the bad stuff against him in 2009, seemed like a P addict out of control when she interviewed her. Seems all the violence allegations were drug dellusions? Hopefully the guy can now get a chance and a break? National Party might finally be hitting their stride come election year. On Labour, seems Phil has also made the best of a hopless situation as well. Good on ya Phil, and good on you for firing that Carter idiot! Phils making all the right moves, but might still be some ground to cover thanks to 9 years of Feminism!

    The Maori Party working with Brash???? (Maybe they will have a Hui at Orewa???) Osama Bin Laden dead????? (Oh…but buried straight away), and least we not forget the only kool thing….. with Wil and Kates wedding…….Hopefully Pippa might accept my marriage proposal……what a week!!!!

    • gazzaw

      ‘What goes around comes around’, karma or the wheel turning the full circle. I am inclined to agree with you Kerry. Brash maybe a rich, bright bastard but like many rich, bright bastards may have a weakness when it comes to keeping his pants up.

  • peterwn

    Pants off and more besides, especially in Moxham Avenue, Hataitai.

  • kerrys

    Is that where Donny did the Brasco????? Does anyone know if they filmed it?

  • harris

    Maybe a few high profile members of the Press Gallery, public figures in their own right, had better start Googling websites in overseas jurisdictions shortly to see what fascinating tidbits might come to exist in cyberspace about their own personal relationships and private lives. If the bedrooms of politicians are now open for inspection, so too might the bedrooms of the media who are charged with the very important duty of keeping the public informed. Perhaps, for example, late night extra-curricular visits to Parliamentary offices (and hotel rooms while “on tour”) by members of the press could now be considered fair game for public discussion as well?

  • kehua

    So now Rodney knows what it is like to be screwed by Don Brash as well.

  • james

    Rodney snagged a younger Woman,got her to marry him and has clinched the deal by having a child by her. Don looks gay by comparison. ;-)