The racist party is…

I watched Don Brash v. Hone Harawira on Close Up last night. I can’t hardly wait for TVNZ to send me their made up viewer statistics.

The show was very revealing. It showed that ACT in wanting all New Zealanders to be treated equally under teh law isn’t racist and that the Mana Party lead by Hone Harawira is all about naked, unashamed racism.

Hone Harawira was shown to be the bigoted, ill-informed, stupid oaf that he is. His grasp on history, even in New Zealand history is as tenuous as his grasp on reality.

Hone started the interview by talking about Hitler, Jews and Don Brash all in one sentence. He failed Godwin’s Law in the first sentence. Of course he won’t care about Godwin’s Law because he will think it is some sort of Pakeha law invented to persecute and oppress Maori.

Later on he compared ACT and Brash to the Ku Klux Klan. He was off his stride, rolling his eyes, huffing and puffing and showing genuine rudeness that would have his mother slapping his face if he did the same to her.

Don Brash on the other hand showed decorum and intellect, slowly skewering Hone’s false and racist assertions one by one.

Then this morning we get another glimpse of the pure hatred of Hone Harawira:

Hone Harawira has described Osama bin Laden as “a man who fought for the rights, the land and the freedom of his people”.

In tributes on Maori-language television, the leader of the new Mana Party said the al-Qaeda founder should be “honoured” rather than “damned” in death according to Maori culture.

Mr Harawira twice paid tribute to bin Laden in te reo, saying it was Maori custom to acknowledge the dead.

So just three days after Hone said he was comfortable with a terrorist worshipper like Annette Sykes standing for his party of mal-content, haters and anarchists, Hone himself is professing admiration for Osama bin Laden.

Make no mistake that Hone Harawira is a racist and his party is filled with like-minded racists.

They should be encouraged to speak out more. I welcome their contribution to political discourse.



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  • michaels

    Hone was a right royal tosser.
    However he doesn’t give the slightest fuck on what we think, he has his activists that will vote for him and that’s all he wants.
    In saying that, there should be laws to stop fuckers like him and Bradford entering Parliament.
    MMP representing the people…. Like fuck!!

  • crabby

    That motherfucker better not get any of my taxes!

  • titanuranus

    Can we ask Hone,when Osamas followers were blowing up civilians in Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistani marketplaces,Taliban were killing school teachers for educating girls,who`s freedom was he actually fighting for?
    Perhaps if Hone would stop making up maori “culture ” on the fly,he would be taken a little more seriously,or maybe not?

    • Sybah_angus


    • Sybah_angus

      u dumb fuck do your research osama was in the cia
      cia came and visited him on his death bed he didnt get murderd america playing it all out google it mate!!!!

      • Agent BallSack

        Wow! Do you often come across as an uneducated cretin or is it just these 2 posts?

  • lulu

    You forgot to mention Hone switching backwards and forwards between the oppressed Maori and the oppressed economic underclass as his central cause. As the racist he clearly is he would struggle with the possibility that he inadvertently helps out poor white mofos if he were to get more money for all of the underclass. I don’t know how he accounts for wealthy Maori.
    Anyway, he used this device several times with Brash where it suited.
    My favourite bit was when he suggested that because Brash hasn’t learned the Maori language he can’t really understand article 2 of the ToW so he is therefore wrong about everything. You don’t need to speak Maori to understand Hone’s position and as the racist he is he would hold his view whatever the treaty says in either language.

  • kevin

    I can’t see many main stream Maori/NZer’s being very impressed so far. Harawiras bin Laden symapathies is the the last straw for most of us who had relations that fought (and some who didn’t come back) in 2 bloody World Wars.

  • cobolt

    I would love to see Hone star in a Hitler’s Bunker Downfall Meme. Perhaps on how he lost his seat in the by-election.

  • jman

    Unfortunately Don Brash still comes across as too defensive. I guess it’s hard not to be when you have Hone and Sainsbury interrupting him every time he tries to string more than two sentences together. I would just like to see him get more gravitas when he speaks.

    • Sybah_angus

      don brash is a rascist cunt telling us maori have no right in new zealand who the fuk is he white man kome and rape the sea,the land , for what money?????
      when the last trees cut down and the last rivers polluted only then will u realise money cant be eaten!!!!!

      • Mully

        Oh,. Agent Ballsack – there’s this one too.

  • realist

    I would never vote for Hone. But I think he’s getting help that will make him effective come the November election.

    –by targeting the far left and Maori he’s aiming at a wider base, and could pick up more much more party votes than simply by targeting Tai Takoerau. He said as much in the interview, they were targeting party votes.
    –whenever Brash spoke Hone kept making noise without talking e.g. letting his eyes drift up to show he wasn’t listening, looking away etc…This is nasty, showing you’re not even listening, but may be effective for his audience who are scared of Brash.
    –he’s doing a great job of whipping up fear of Brash…hitler comments, corporatization comments, and going back to trickle down.

    A good performance by a mean spirited man

  • letsgetpositive

    So hone likes bin laden, well there is a place now available in pakistan that hone may like to go and live in.

  • Mr Blobby

    That’s the beauty of having an oral language, culture and history you can make it up as you go along, it can be whatever you want it to be on the day. Who is to say anything different? Yesterday’s rape and pillage merchants can be today’s protectors of the land. If it was not for the parasitic relationship with the rest of New Zealand they would probably be contemplating the Final Solution.

  • alien

    I love Hone. he is awesome ,who else can make people, hate him more and more people hate him..just buy opening his mouth and talking ..the guy is just the best idiot in the world to watch. talk all you like Hone ……….fills newspapers and all gives us a laugh

  • whafe

    What I would like to know is this please Cam / everyone:

    Is Hone correct when he states that in maori within the ToW that it says that Maori will be treated differently / better than Europeans post the signing of the ToW????

    Where by in the English version of the ToW, it says that all people (Maori / Europeans etc) will be treated equally…

    Thoughts please????

    I will not have worded it as well as some can do, but am certain you understand my question….

    Because to me, it seems that until we get some agreeance on the wording / meaning / definitions we cant get anywhere…

    Fundamentally if in fact as Hone believes it says, that Maori should be treated differently, we my friends are more fucked as a country than we expect…

    Hone fundamentally believes just take some more money of the rich fuckers and give it to the poor people, and all will be well…. Think again buddy, life doesnt work that way…

    • Sybah_angus

      dont forget yous white wankers robbed us off our whenua think about that and how u would feel when we take it back :)

      • kehua

        Taihoa Syba_Angry.

        By all means defend your man Hone but do it with dignity ehoa. Their are a great many more Maori in Aotearoa than Hone and his followers who watch with hurt and distain because the last thing we need in our beautiful is a political party based on hatred. Hatred does not save babies from being murdered, it does not create jobs, it does not  build hope and it certainly does not feed and educate any one. Hate destroys and uses up energy that could be use to build positive and much needed hope.

        naku noa.

      • diabolos

        Sybah – mate – i personally have a lot of respect for Hone and his cause – i didnt see the interview myself so cant comment.  By your comments mate – you are not doing your cause any good – no point in trying to fight fire with fire or by being abusive (or seen to be doing so) … realise you may be passionate about matters – but it doesnt look good posting those sort of comments in that manner.

        Fact is – Great warriors like Te Rauparaha and Te Kooti in their time – were regarded as terrorists by different groups – as were others who fought in the Maori Wars.  Visiting the battle site of Rangiriri – brings it home to you – that it wasnt that long ago – and the memory and the resentment is still there.

        Maori in my view – are the key to maintaining our sovereignty.  They are the only thing or group standing in the way of a land and resource grab by the modern version of the wild west and vested offshore interests.  Key thing is not to fall into the stereotype of red-neck New Zealand who are very soon going to discover for themselves that we are all in the same waka whether we like it or not.  Dont abuse them mate – try to work at achieving some dignified understanding.

        Hone isnt Uncle Pita – he’s abrasive and irritating and sometimes doesnt give respect where it should be given – but he isnt a sell-out and thats something to be admired

    • Cherz08

      In Te Tiriti o Waitangi, it does say we will be treated with equality.. It’s in the third article

  • Ivana

    Whoa this got heated fast. First of all, Bin laden is a freedom fighter to some and a terrorist to others, it depends on whoever wins the war to rewrite history. In fact, if you include being willing to die for your country, compassion for your fellow countrymen, being a patriot etc as honorable traits then Bin Laden should be honored in death. 

    Do not forget that the entire country of America was founded by terrorists of the British Crown. Hone may act like a dick but he is entitled to his opinion, even if he may phrase it in a negative way. Brash is the biggest idiot NZ politics has ever had, trying to be too many things at once (hard right, centre right, conservative, libertarian) and failing miserably. IMO both of them are fringe lunatics who belong on the fringe.

    • Mully

      Not really “fast” – this post is six months old… The people defending Hone’s racism are just up to “W” in the blogroll.

  • Cherz08

    Hone Harawira is an awesome politician! Oh and as for Annette Sykes, woh you call her racist, that is so not even true, she is a strong women! She stands up for our rights as a people. They make an amazing team! These two rangatira are not racist!