The wheels on the bus go round and round…

I’ve found the bloke to drive the Mana Party Bus around. I have adjusted the story from the Herald to reflect the Herald’s constant use of the “Hotchin Principle” for leveraging a story off someone else’s name.

An accident-prone bus driver who crashed 10 times in less than 18 months has lost his battle to get back behind the wheel.

Alan Slater, whose surname is the same as prominent blogger Cameron Slater’s, hit a bollard, a wheelie bin, a bus-stop sign, several other vehicles – including two parked buses – and drove the wrong way through a bus wash during his short career as an Auckland bus driver.

He also got into strife with his bosses for struggling to stay in a bus lane when driving, not waiting for passengers and turning up late to work.

…Mr Slater, whose surname is the same as prominent blogger Cameron Slater’s, began working for New Zealand Bus in May 2008, and was assessed as competent to drive solo in July.

Two weeks later, managers were expressing concern about his driving, in particular positioning of the bus and concentration.

Little more than a month later, he was observed “having trouble staying in lane”.

In mid-October that year, Mr Slater, whose surname is the same as prominent blogger Cameron Slater’s, had his first fender-bender, when he hit a wheelie bin.

He said the bin’s owner should not have put it so close to the kerb.

In January 2009, he was in trouble for not stopping for passengers, then he hit a van’s tailgate and a bus-stop sign in one week in February.

After more incidents, Mr Slater, whose surname is the same as prominent blogger Cameron Slater’s, attended a defensive driving course in May 2009, but in the same month he collided with another vehicle. The company accepted his explanation that he was not to blame.

Between June and October 2009, he had another four accidents – three of them with stationary objects.

The final accident came in March last year when he hit a concrete bollard.

Mr Slater, whose surname is the same as prominent blogger Cameron Slater’s, told the Herald seven of the 10 accidents weren’t his fault and the other three involved mitigating circumstances.


Only 10 accidents, and they are all someone else’s fault.


Right attitude, right ability, this guy will go far in the Mana party



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  • naylor

    God the NZ Herald is pathetic. Talk about overuse of a name to sell their crap paper. It’s no wonder everyone is going online instead of reading the trash they publish. Wheels of the bus go round and round,,,

  • peterwn

    It could have been worse – they could have said ‘same surname as prominent blogger’.

  • hollyfield

    I would like to know the mitigating circumstances in the three accidents that he admits some liability for. Perhaps it’s the excessive speed of the objects that hit him – specifically the wheelie bin, the stop sign, the two parked buses and the concrete bollard.

    • They leaped out in front of him

  • james

    Stop signs you say Hollyfield….? Were they legitimate ones… or those “not in anyway confusing to an average motorist” Labour party ones? ;-)

    Oh for that to be true….I’d piss champagne. ;-)

  • sthnjeff

    Scary thing is he has a job driving a school bus on the North Shore FFS. Whether he is the unluckiest driver around, or if he is an incompetent old twat, would you want him driving your kids to school?