They're rooted

Labour are rooted, the bad news just keeps on coming in.

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows a drop in their support and a rise in the Greens. Labour slips under 30% and Russel Norman is looking far more the leader of the opposition than Phil Goff.

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for Prime Minister John Key’s National-led Government is at 57.5% (up 1.5%). Support for Key’s National Party is 53% (up 0.5%), the Maori Party 2% (unchanged), ACT NZ 2% (up 1%) and United Future 0.5% (unchanged).

Support for Opposition Parties is at 42.5% (down 1.5%) — Labour Party 28% (down 3%), Greens 10%, (up 2.5%), New Zealand First 3% (down 1.5%), Progressive Party 0.5% (unchanged) and Others 1% (up 0.5%).

If a National Election were held today the National Party would easily be returned to Government.

To add to their woes the biggest idea to come out of their election congress was to create a new army of bureaucrats to wag their fingers at children. I’;m left wondering if the first thing the new minsitry will have to do will be to investigate the allegation of sexual abuse of teenagers at Annette’s house.

The second biggest thing was for Phil Goff to announce that he was going to smack up the filthy farmers and use the extra tax grab to fund a R&D spend up.

Am I the only commenter that thinks it  bit incongruous that at the same time as one of their leading lights is highlighting that farmers are dirt poor that Labour is thinking that they are the ones who will cough up $800 million for Labour’s spending pledges?

Phil Goff tried to be hip and cool today by having a “chat” on Facebook. It was an epic fail with him answering only briefly a few patsy questions. Many questions went unanswered and even ignored. His foray into Twitter wasn’t much better. the chaos and mayhem that ensued wasn’t helpful and it probably isn’t the medium for an irrelevant politician to try and gain relevance.

To add to Labour’s social media ills Phil Goff’s vaunted congress speech, which was extensively promoted on Red Alert has had just 54 views in the two days since it was released. Moira Coatsworth’s speech has had just 13 views. Annette’s King’s big idea to meddle with children’s lives has had just 22 views.

To top all that off Labour have decided that their crippled party needs a crippled man to run a crippled campaign.

The mana of senior MP Trevor Mallard within the party has been frequently tested but it is as high now as it has ever been. He is the shadow leader of the House, the procedures guru, the driving force behind the Red Alert website and now the campaign manager.

One thing is for certain now, the election is going to be dirty and the pigs are going to enjoy it.


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  • whafe

    Rooted Cam, I would say they are Ted, Rooted’s brother…..

    Am not sure what the Pinko’s are putting in Goff’s water, but sheesh I have seen shit with more brains than the Labour Pinko’s.

    I do not feel the poll figures really show the many National peeps whom will bounce straight over to ACT. It is not like any farmer is going to vote for those parties leaning left.

    The 95% of politicians whom wish for the 21 Billion dollar tax scam =ETS, drop it, grow some balls and let it go…

  • titanuranus

    I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
    -Winston Churchill

  • lcmortensen

    Do note the dates – the poll was taken between May 2 and May 15 – before the budget. We won’t get the post-Budget RMR poll until early next month.

    I expect TV One and/or TV3 will have the first post-Budget polls this Sunday.