Three mentions in the HoS

WARNING: Vanity post

I was mentioned three times in separate articles in HoS today.

Supressing the dogs of law
New Zealand Herald
Blogger Cameron Slater, who writes under the nom de plume Whaleoil, spent much of last year breaching suppression orders to express his support for open 

I was interviewed for that article on Wednesday by Jo Knowsley. Fisher also called me Wednesday for his article.

Saucy MP stories in new book
New Zealand Herald
Blogger Cameron Slater plans to dish the dirt on male and female MPs from across the political spectrum. He said he had kiss-and-tell stories from women who 

If you want to register your interest in the book and go on list for the first edition then email the tipline with the word “Book” in the subject line.

The last article was a mention by Deborah Coddington.

Deborah Coddington: Treaty stands firm amid redneck one law vote bid
New Zealand Herald
If Act is serious about equality before the law it could take a cue from its mate Cameron Slater, who has waged a personal campaign against name suppression 



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  • Mr Blobby

    Must be a slow News week.
    Sad for them Good for you.

  • oldlogger

    whoop de doo
    Sometimes you need to get over yourself whale.

  • giblet

    And on a related mater I see the Wellington taxi-chit fraudster from long ago has come out today saying he wants his name suppression lifted so he can put his side of the story in an up-coming book:

    It is curious he is described as an ex-All Black when his actual offending occurred whilst working in a position that seems to be overly represented as an occupational group in the Courts these days.

  • cadwallader

    WO becoming mainstream msm! WO a mate of ACT? Is this so?

  • davidgarrett

    jeez Whale, show some class! You’re PROUD of being mentioned three times in that rag? Once by a name dropping turkey negged hag?

  • Digging the dirt on MP’s private life. Yeah, that’s real class Whale.

    Get down in the gutter with the ambulance chasers on Close Up and Campbell Live.
    That’s really going to help to get this country out of the mire.

  • paulus12

    Why are you trying to compete with Vet Hodgson ?

    He knows it all and stuffs up every time.

    Shouldn’t City Councilors fess up to their criminal record before offering themselves for election.: now one of them wants to tell all.

    I thought he did that in court at the time when he was convicted ? Of course I forgot he was a former All Black so no need to reveal his name.

  • mediatart

    faffar even mentions you twice today, doing his usual cut and paste.
    Regulars here know , you read it here first

  • Will the kiss and tellers get named as well?