Trevorism – definition




1. Used to describe nasty innuendo rumors and false accusations based on flat out lies borne of desperation for relevance and media attention
2. the expression so substituted: “American Bagmen” is a Trevorism for “donor”
3. the expression so substituted: “Crosby|Textor” is a Trevorism for “advisor”, especially when you know your own side is using American campaign consultants.

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  • Is it also a Trevorism to promote a game glorifying fingers being stuck up bums when your political advisors are Blue State DIGITAL?

  • michaels


    A selection of the week’s offbeat news stories from around the world
    Friday, August 12, 2005
    Trevorism, bonnet bonking, Bruce Willis, a painful Brazilian, busty mermaids and breaking the law with extreme stupidity

    TAR THREAT LEVEL: Size 8 1/2
    We at the Alternative Review are sick, sick, sick of the lack of attention being paid one of the greatest threats to freedom in our country today: Trevorism.

    It’s well known that Trevorism is a cause of fear, uncertainty and doubt worldwide, but in these precarious times we should be be keeping a closer eye on Trevorists who are ON OUR DOORSTEPS.

    The Met Police doesn’t even have an Anti-Trevorist Task Force! International Trevorism just isn’t on the radar as far as law enforcement is concerned. What are we doing about this? NOTHING.

    We here at TAR Towers demand an answer from Sir Tony Blair, head of the Met Police, as to why:

    a) There isn’t a dedicated Anti-Trevorist Unit in the Met Police. There is apparently room between SO19 and SO21 in operational unit names, where SO20 was dropped after too many officers misread it as so-so, refusing to join. Obviously some retraining in reading skills will be required.

    b) No attention is being paid to KNOWN TREVORISTS in London. I know several. Surely they should be followed into a Tube station and SHOT? Harsh language appears to be all London’s citizens are allowed to use in situations where Trevorists are involved.

    Surely a crackdown on Trevorism is just around the corner. All we need to do is to keep our upper lips stiff, our backs straight and spleens vented, and Her Majesty’s Finest will doubtless do the rest…

  • monty

    Are Trevorisms only utered under the protectionism of pariamentary Privilage, or can they be uttered with joy abandon?

    I suppose this post and the invention / definitation of a Trevorism is the natural consequence of your earlier post on the lies of Trevor Mallard (dating back to the 1980s)

    over hte decades since ther ehaveof course been many examples – the famous “Heinken Bottle” the biff to Tau, (was the subsequent “GUILTY” plea a Trevorism?

    On Twitter I am sure Tau will now have some fun pointing out to Trev the Trevorisms which will be many between now and the election.