Tweet of the Week

Tau Henare telling it how it is.

Does anyone else think the comments from the political cripple were just bit ironic considering that the last time Tau Henare offended Trevor Mallard he went and assaulted Tau. Will Trevor be taking Tau out the back for a bit of biffo again?

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, also an enthusiastic social media user, said “it’s beyond the limits.”

“The line is drawn in a different place on Twitter, but in this case Tau has gone beyond it. It’s unlikely to upset many people, mainly because of the way that Hone is perceived by a lot of people.”

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  • buffalobob

    Mallard really is a pathetic old man…..with a body of a shriveled asshole

  • toby

    It’s a pretty harmless joke, really. I bet even Hone would laugh at it. Not Mallard, though. He has to show everyone how non-racist he is. You’re swell, Mallard! What a guy!

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  • axeman

    What a fuckwit Daffy. This is a complaint coming from someone who called John Key a gutless worm on his personal bogsite, funded by the taxpayer.

  • michaels

    YAY…. We’re up and running again.
    Say it as it is Tau, just like that raciest Hone.

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    I wonder what his comments were when one of his team called someone “old sooty”?

    Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove has been forced to defend himself after calling an MP “Old Sooty” during a parliamentary debate.

    He says the insult was aimed at Health Minister Tony Ryall.

    However, his fellow politicians assumed the remark was directed at Samoan-born, Auckland-raised National MP Sam Lotu-Iiga, who had just addressed the House.

  • grizz

    Trevor Mallard comes across as a precious git. Have you seen how he complains abour processes in house. Yet when he wants to, and quite frequently I might add, he can spew out totally vile bullshit. Given the right circumstances, such comments would not be beneath Mallard. By the way, who often called Chris Finlayson “Tinkerbell”?

  • This, from the Labour MP who trolls through Facebook sites to extract photographs to insert on rumour/innuendo posts on Labour’s OFFICIAL blog. This, from the Labour MP who used homophobic interjections in the House that have been recorded in Hansard. This, from the man who made interjections to Don Brash along the lines of “Speaking of affairs…” and “How’s Diane?”.

    Yep; that’s Trevor Mallard; Labour’s paragon of virtue.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Have a look here at the Tau story #letsnot