Two polls tonight

There were two mainstream polls tonight both with similar results. The 3News/Reid Research poll looks to have recovered from their rogue last time out so Labour can’t take much heart from their rise in that poll. It is nothing more of a correction to normal levels.

National down 4.5% to 53%
Labour up 5.7% to 32.8%
Greens down 1.2% to 6.5%
Winston First down 0.4% to 2.4%
ACT up 0.5% to 2.2%
Maori down 0.9% to 1.6%
Mana  steady at 0.5%

One News/Colmar Brunton have a similar result:

National down slightly to 52%
Labour no change 34%
Greens no change on 6%
Winston First down to 1.6%
ACT up to 2.5%
Maori steady at 1.4%
Mana steady at 0.9%

It is clear from these polls that Don Brash has much to do to save ACT and that Labour has failed to make a dent at all after the budget. Matt McCarten will be happy with these polls vindicating his call for Goff to be sacked.

If Labour couldn’t make a dent after that budget they never will. No wonder the doors were closed in his face in McGehan Close.

Goff primed each resident he spoke to with a patsy question about rising costs. But when he asked one elderly man what he thought about the rising cost of food, the pensioner complained tobacco prices were soaring out of reach. His $480 pension per fortnight could not keep up with the rising cost of smoking.

Goff moved to the next home.

Some residents bluntly refused to face the swarm of Labour types and television crews. When the cameras disappeared, they emerged to say they actually quite liked their street – despite its reputation – and were not keen on the attention.

Honestly it couldn’t get much worse than doorstepping a poor person and all they do is complain about the price of smokes.


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  • gazzaw

    “No wonder the doors were closed in his face in McGehan Place”.

    Enjoyable viewing for once on TV1’s 6.00pm News headlines on Saturday night.

    Two set ups for the socialists that blew up in Mold’s face. After the heavy duty camera staff turning up to McGehan Place to see Goff re-enact the return of the Messiah all he could do was look like a spare prick at a wedding. This was followed by an item about what was supposed to be a protest march of 1000s led by the commie with the unpronouncable Welsh name & all he could muster was 80 of the usual rent a mob diehards.

    McCarten said it all about Goff in the SOH today.