Txts from New York

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Txts from New York: Moira and Helen chat

Txts from New York: Moira and Helen chat


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  • reid

    Trev’s disciples were on the median strip on Seaview Road, Petone, waving the stop signs at morning traffic, last Monday or Tuesday.

    This is Mallard’s electorate and this is of course the week after he had just been informed his mental signs weren’t legal by the Road Transport thingy. And he still goes and does it gets his loyal disciples to do it.

    Unfortunately I was on a bus otherwise I would have stopped and taken some evidential photos, maybe made a citizen’s arrest or four.

    Times like these you wish tasers were publicly on sale.

    It was all a matter of protecting the public from having an accident, your Honour, I would have said.

    Seriously, this is Mallard’s electorate. This was after everything blew up in Liarbore’s face, the week before. And yet, still the silly mentals insist on breaking the law, again.

    I wish legalising taser sales was what Heather Roy’s bill was about, who cares about ending compulsory unionism when you have mad lefties making a nuisance of themselves on public roads.