Txts from New York

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Txts from New York: Helen and Rodney chat

Txts from New York: Rodney and Helen chat


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  • jabba

    I see trev is bringing up the Brethren shit again .. what planet is the guy on?

  • roger

    labour and national =piss and wind
    lets sort the shit out this way , cam, you would be up for this

  • pwebb

    So the story is about Trev raising the hollow men again, not about someone in National leaking information to Trev?

    Who is Simon Lusk? And what role did he have in the Brash takeover of ACT?

    • reid

      Crikey pwebb this sounds intriguing. So who is Simon Lusk and what role did he have in the Brash takeover of ACT?

    • Running Trevor’s smears here won’t wash. Trevor should know better than to run rumours from Rodney.

      To answer your questions though.

      1. Who cares
      2. Who cares

      • reid



        So we’re not allowed to know?

        • I have no idea the real answers, but I am laughing at the fascination of Labour with all things Brash.

          It is just typical of Labour to personally denigrate a private citizen when they can’t fight back. Not only that just make shit up.

          I’m hoping trevor repeats his stuff outside the protection of parliament, then it could get real interesting.

          Funny thing is Labour has spent years running down ACT and Rodney and now coz it suits them they are running his lines and smears for him.

          • reid

            Yes which meme will best sell most copy, is always the determinant these days, to our detriment.

            Unfortunately this will damage Brash Inc a little. The voters already know have been inculcated to believe, that Brash is a womaniser. That was part of Hulun’s demonisation strategy which continues to this day cause he is the closest anyone has ever come to unseating her plans.

          • pwebb

            Whale just to make sure and to determine in the future if you told the truth I asked:

            1. Who is Simon Lusk
            2. What role did he have in the Brash takeover of ACT.

            You responded:

            1. Who cares
            2. Who cares.

            You then said to Reid that you have no idea of the real answers.

            You do know Simon. Are you saying you do not know what his role in the coup was?