Txts from New York

via the tipline

Txts from New York: Rodney and Helen Chat

Txts from New York: Rodney and Helen chat


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  • roger

    Cam do a series from brash to his wife .latest girlfriend,his old girlfriends,his latest love child,the love childs mother,the partner of the love childs mother,rodney,hony key, cameron slater anyone else hes bonking , it would be a laugh, Craig Potton could publish another book , i could print it , called SECRETS AND MANY MORE LIARS

  • reid

    Who is the mystery source of these intercepts?

    It’s not Julian, he wouldn’t care, he’s much more famous.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of in the great metropolis H2’s finally found something that interests her more than H1 does.

    She’s deliberately leaking this to undermine and weaken the previous entity she leached off of.

    Several questions:

    Can H1 survive without a faithful and loyal H2?

    If yes, who will replace H2? Will it be Darren Jucinda, or will H1 leave her as an agent-in-place?

    Who is this mysterious other to whom H2 appears to have transferred her loyalties? Could it be Sian Elias? CJ and all. Nah. H2 aims higher. Then who?