Txts from New York

via the tipline

Andrew and Helen chat.

Txts from New York: Andrew and Helen chat

Txt from New York: Andrew and Helen chat


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  • pwebb

    So how much will Simon Lusk cost if Trevor wants to hire his services?

  • michaels

    Happy 50th Michaels :)
    Enjoy your time away.

  • roger

    Helen,Hone key here, i have a idea
    Helen what are you going to fuck up ,key
    Key ,kiwisaver , i have some moneymarket sharks who want to rip off and fuck up New Zealand
    Helen rip off and fuck up , tinker to your hearts content ,liarbour will return and fix up, ps hone key are you using the standard rob muldon system of fucking up the New Zealand economy, or the new new york money market way of fucking up a countries wealth, ps hone key who do you report to????????

    • Mr. Infinity

      You’re an idiot. Getting rid of a cash toilet like Kiwisaver, WFF, or interest free loans isn’t going to hurt the economy.

      Like the conspiracy theorist bullshit you’ve added this time though, woger, switched to drugs from the booze have you?