Using Trademe as a sounding board

I know a couple of senior MPs lurk on the Trademe message boards, reading and digesting what is being said. Yesterday I noticed that Clare Curran has taken that one step further and actively asking people for advice.

I guess after braving my site with a guest post she felt suitably trained for the bear pit of the Trademe message boards.

Clare Curran using the Trademe message boards for feedback

Nice to see that not everyone in Labour thinks Trevor’s latest great social media experiment isn’t so great. Refreshing too such honesty outside the caucus tent from a Labour MP.

The benefit of course of the Trademe message boards is you can usually get some very good advice.

Good advice for Clare Curran


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  • Doug

    Is Trade Me a Media owned blog site? must have to wonder if Fairfax authorise their site for Political gain.

  • peterwn

    A problem with Trademe message boards is traders may ‘blackball’ a thread and if a thread gets six ‘blackballs’, it disappears without trace. Hence six people (or their sock puppets) can take down threads. I had a thread about counterfeit software ‘wiped’ because tyhe vendor had enough nyms and cronies to do this. Hence do not be too surprised if political threads suddenly disappear.

  • Doc

    Bang: gone.