Wednesday Weapons – Lock and Load

It is game bird season. Tomorrow I am off shooting. Here is the selection of ammunition that will be expended on Rabbits, Possums, Hares, Deer, Ducks, Pheasants and Quail over the next 5 days.

All ammunition was supplied by Hamills Manukau, the best shooting sports store in Auckland.



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  • buffalobob

    Whale have you seen FPSRussia’s video on the AA-12……?
    Check it out here…

  • So how about descriptions? I’m picking .17HMR, 222/3, 308, and various shot loads #7, 5, ?, 4; would be nice to get your ideas on what shot loads for which game. With powder charges, length et al.

    Bunnies @#4? Quail@#7??

    • .17HMR, .204 Ruger, .308 Winchester, then 12ga….Number 7 shot/ 28gm for Quail, Number 5 with 3 and a 1/4 dram charge for Pheasant, both are 2 3/4in shells. Then Number 2/36gm for ducks/parries in 3in and lastly a box of Number 4, 52gm 3in shells for breaking in the gun and getting all the burrs and bugs out.