Whale vs Duck – Update

Whaleoil vs MallardDay two of serious training. Thanks to all those who have sent emails of support, I appreciate all the support. I am committed to thrashing Trevor Mallard so badly he never raises his crippled head again.

This morning I went to the gym again and jumped on the spin cycle. Yesterday I had knocked out 30 minutes of interval training and so today I wanted to increase that. In the end i did 35 minutes with the same 2 minute intervals as yesterday.

Overnight I had a GP contact me with a suggested diet to lose weight but maintain lean muscle mass. That is now in progress.

Just after the gym one of my mates contacted my via Facebook to say he had potentially  found me a bike sponsor. I had to meet them at 3pm.

So at 3pm I rocked along to Mt Eden Cycles and met Mark Taylor and the team.

Mt Eden Cycles

I can now announce that I have a bike for training and for the race against Trevor Mallard. It is a Specialized Tarmac.

Specialized Tarmac

I’m told this is the bike that won the Tour de France. Mark and his team fitted me for the bike and and also sorted some gear like a helmet, shirt and shoes.

They have also agreed to monitor my training and give pointers and tips. They have suggested I also go along for their Shop Rides or if the weather is crappy their Spin Classes.

Mark Taylor from Mt Eden Cycles with the Race bike

The bike is awesome. It is so light. Here is a little video for your entertainment. Bet Trevor Mallard can’t even raise his arms above his shoulders let alone bicep curl his bike.

Now all we need is helmet cams and live streaming of the race. Pity Steven Joyce hasn’t organised the UFB yet.

UPDATE: This just in, Trevor Mallard’s secret swimming training video.


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  • monty

    Good work Cam. And good on Mt Eden Cycles. If I was to buy a bike that is where I would be headed. Now can you provide an update on the fundraising component. Like others we want you to beat Trev in the race and the charity fundraiser. Lefties hate Tory Charity.

  • thor42

    Good stuff WO and good on Mt Eden Cycles!!! That’s a bloody nice bike too….

  • cactuskate1

    We await Trevor’s training video from today. Sounds like he spent the day floating in the pool while this mangled bike brakes were overhauled.

  • titanuranus

    Jesus, I`m starting to feel sorry for the Ducktard already.

  • thor42

    I think The Duck will be wishing about now that he’d kept his beak shut……. ;)

  • james

    Yeah…..I bet Trev’s having a “Oh what the fuck have I done?” moment about now…;-)

  • cactuskate1

    Whale should be sub-contracted to the Black Caps to conduct sledging lessons.

  • Big ups to Mt Eden Cycles. Great start, but remember this; the work you do in the last week of training will be even more important than what you are doing this week. Build steadily, and there is no limit to what you can do. And all the while, Trevor has an election to manage; how long until Phil orders him to cease and desist. You called his bluff; well done.

  • ltchop

    Wow so obsessive so over the top Wa’il …. letting a guy with a few feathers and a limp destabilise you so, it’s a bit of a worry don’t you think ?

  • james

    Suck it Trev…er “Itchop”….you ain’t backsliding your way out now douche.

  • Ciaron

    Jeez cam, what will you do if you find you enjoy it?

  • mediatart

    Be warned ! Cycling is a dirty sport like makes politics seem like croquet. Perhaps you should have tried something gentler, like ice hockey

    • You think I’m not going to like that!

  • crabby

    Go Whale, Love it!

  • royaloaks

    Go kick his Pinko arse Cam. Might shut the loudmouth up for an hour or two.

  • michaels

    This is all well and good. We’re going to get a fit Whale. Nice. We could have a slaughtered duck. Excellent. We have a rather clever bike shop. BUT….
    I reckon we should start a pot, a small pot, maybe 5 bucks each on the odds that Mallard will call it off with some bullshit excuse. And what do we do with the pot?
    Donate it too…… ????

    • Farrar has a good idea – to the Mental Health Foundation is WO wins, and to Crippled Childrens Society (CCS) on the off-chance that Trevor recovers in time.

  • sthnjeff

    Me thinks the Lame Duck is quietly shitting himself Cam. As SB said in another post you seem to be in reasonable shape already and not the somewhat podgy bloke shown in Media pics of you. Like Michaels, I can see a lame arse excuse coming from the Duck fairly soon. On another note, given the Race will be in Akld, I assume Trev wont be putting the flights for him and his bike to Akld on the Taxpayers Tab?? Yeah Right!

  • paulus12

    Remember Trevor is clever too – he has conned the public for years.

    He will go ahead with this challenge for charity irrespective of what the party electioneer’s want. He so arrogant nothing will redirect him.

  • steve

    That WhaleOil is not so whaley now is he Trev? There is nothing in the World more humbling than getting your arse kicked.

  • sooty

    The Gimp with a Limp.