Whale vs. Duck – Update

Whaleoil vs Mallard

First up I have to thank all the people who have emailed me with messages of support and advice. It is very much appreciated.

Today is really the first day of the campaign to kick Trevor Mallard‘s arse in the sport of his choice.

So this morning I went to the gym to have chat with Buck about my fitness programme. THen I jump on the spin bikes and did a 30 minute interval session with Buck yelling at me. 2 minutes on low resistance and then 2 minutes on high resistance standing on the pedals, for 30 minutes. I then topped that off with a quick weight circuit to aid with the energy burn.

When I got home tonight I then went for a 10km walk around my usual route.

Once I get a bike started I’ll start riding to Manukau from home and back again each week day, plus a gym session with my walk each night.

I am trying to get my weight down as quickly as possible but without reducing lean muscle mass.

Now I need to work on my diet.

There is no way I am doing to let Trevor Mallard beat me.


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  • Mike Readman

    Go Whale!

  • whafe

    Go hard Cam, kick this piss poor example of a mallard drakes ass…

  • Doug

    Spanishbride will have to be nimble on her feet, and watch out for the amorous Whale.

    • spiker

      Won’t be long with all this exercise & he’ll look more like a amorous whitebait than a whale!

  • thor42


  • Doug

    Whale for the encore you should challenge the ex Labour tougher Cullen to a game of tiddlywinks, that’s about all he is good for.

  • Good luck for this – get yourself onto a bike pronto, working out on a stationery bike won’t train you for the wind and shake – up to 80% of your energy on a bike goes into overcoming the aerodynamic drag.

  • james

    For Christ’s sake stay away from Mission bay….death trap for bikes.

    • I must say that I think that is a bloody dangerous hobby and am not at all keen at his plan to bike to work. An experienced rider was killed on our road last year. Of course WO tells me he has to die from something!
      Wo hasn’t looked like the photos the media use of him since December due to our 10km daily walks. This contest will speed up the transformation that is already well under way so thanks for that Trevor :)
      I prefer hunting as a hobby because the animals don’t shoot back and fill up my freezer :)

  • Bloody-mindedness is your best weapon. Attack this with the same focus you’ve had on Fidelity, and Trevor Mallard is going to wish he’d stayed off his computer last Friday. Give it heaps Cam.

  • Ciaron

    Have you considered approching a bike shop for sponsorship? there’s probably the odd floor model they would flick off cheap anyway that you could use in return for some exposure…

  • mickrodge

    Great stuff Cam. I admire your pluck.

    You’ve gone & done exactly what Trevor didn’t expect you to do. He’ll be shitting like a food poisoned Rhino now I imagine.

    This is epic.