Whale vs. Duck

Whaleoil vs Mallard

Update on the challenge.

I have accepted Trevor Mallard‘s challenge. He has rejected stepping in the ring (gutless) but has agreed to a re-match at Sporting Clays though that will have to be after the election. He needs to learn how to shoot and his shoulder is busted.

I don’t really care because I am going to kick his arse in the cycling on August 15 and he will have wrecked himself trying to man up in the cycling.

Just to update readers, today is day one for training and since I don’t yet have a bike sponsor I will have to rely on walking, running and visits to the gym to stationary bike.

So I went for two 10km walks today to get started. I wonder if Trevor managed to even get in his washing from last night? It’s probably still hanging on the line.

Now to line up the following:

  • A bike
  • Some gear to wear
  • A route for the race
  • Helmet cams
  • Chase car (sponsorship deals available)
  • Ambulance (that’s for you Trevor)
  • Support crews (I suppose Trevor will be able to call on the EPMU)
  • A diet
  • An exercise programme (I wonder if I need a rowing machine, probably get one second hand off Trevor)

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  • Mr. Infinity

    I know its early days, but any plans for video coverage? Would love to see this.

  • toby


  • whafe

    Yeah ha, bring it on….

    Cam, still think changing the form of cycling from road to mountain biking would have been a better bet…

    How tall are you? I could lend you my road bike. Also be more than willing to lend you one of my mountain bikes, should the change be made….

    Whatever training method, keep up with the run / walks you are doing….

  • phronesis

    Read a few books too. Get a coach and someone to train with. This is essentially a sprint race over 60km so understand what that means. The best tactics will win, not the strongest or fittest. If the course ends with a big hill your rooted so try to avoid that…

  • royaloaks

    Cam, Do you really want to get involved with this lying turkey. He needs all the publicity he can get and will use this to show he is a great “Kiwi Bloke” My old uncle used to say, mix with arseholes and you will end up being an arsehole too. Think about it.

    • Absolutely he should royaloaks. The more time Mallard spends obsessing about whipping WO’s butt, the less time he will be managing Labour’s election campaign.

      • EXACTLY! You have hit the nail right on the head there inventory2

        • matt

          Judging by the way he’s managed the campaigne so far, I’d say the more time he spends doing it the better!

  • jman

    Good onya and good luck. Hope you kick his ass

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  • gooner

    Course has to be from Pt Erin pools through Viaduct along Tamaki Drive, through Glendowie, GI & Pt England to roundabout at intersection of Kings Rd and Tripoli Rd and then go left over Bridge; turn right at Ti Rakau and go along there for about 1k and turnaround @ Riverhills Park. It’s flat with the odd hill. Map it out @ http://www.mapmyride.com and I’m sure it’s bang on 60k’s. I’ve TT’d it a few times.

    • whafe

      Only one hill of any consequence really, and it is short and sharp….

  • Mike Readman

    Sky should cover this and put it on Pay per View. I’d pay a lot to see it live.

  • steve

    Nothing is more humbling than:

  • kehua

    Cam, go south to Outram and include Huntly Road in the Race, the Duck hit the deck here and the flashback may do the prick in.