Where is Hipkins dissenting report?

Chris Hipkins has been leading the Charge of the Light-weight Brigade regarding the BMWs.

However he has forgotten that he sits on the Government Administration Committee.

He also seems to have forgotten that the committee, that he sits on and is the same committee that is chaired by Labour leader in waiting, David Parker, is the also the same committee that produced a report back in June 2010.

The report from it says the following about the Rugby World Cup and about VIP transport….

Interesting, and yet despite being on this committee and the above statement, here Chris is in The Herald in April this year raving on about it.

Labour’s Internal Affairs spokesman, Chris Hipkins, said the Government should keep the current fleet and cancel the new order.
“There is nothing wrong with the old ones, they are only three years old.”

Now I suppose he may have disagreed with the committee at the time, but he was on it, so was David Parker and so was Grant Robertson. So was he jumping up and down about getting rid of the new order then? Where is his dissenting report? There isn’t even a mention, or has Chris Hipkins, the vaunted star of Labour just not remembered some basic details and lost sight of that in his gleeful attempt to smear National. This is very sloppy work internally for Labour.

Labour chaired the committee that produced the report, that discussed retaining vehicles so that the Government could look after its VIP guests and Hipkins didn’t say a word back then. Now he is smearing and accusing the government of all sorts of dealings when he is actually complicit in the dealing himself.

With muppets like Chris Hipkins and Grant Robertson as the new blood shooting off their feet on simple stuff like this it is no wonder that Mallard is going doolally doing overtime. And while Mallard is off chasing rumours, innuendo and spin labour are dropping the ball big time.


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  • thor42

    Gawd, Labour are a waste of space.
    Isn’t there someone who can create cardboard cutouts of the Labour MPs and put those in Parliament instead of the real thing? They would make fewer stuffups and would save the country a bundle in MPs’ salaries.

    • gazzaw

      Cutouts would certainly talk a lot more sense.

  • whalewatcher

    anyone keen for a lightly-used BMW 7 series come, oh I dunno, about November 2011? Comes with a well-polished back seat and famous first owner..
    Trademe special

  • mediatart

    Explaining is losing whale.

    Its gets a minute on the news and then national is running around saying look Hipkins reads reports about as often as the PM- who said he went through ministerial services budget , line by line, but after wards said he didnt

    • Which is why Hipkins is “explaining” his comments in the Dom-Post this morning then, eh Tart? It would seem that Labour is already in damage control mode:

      Mr Hipkins later clarified that his concern was about who would sell the old BMWs.

      That looks like “explaining” to me. What WO and others of the VRWC are doing is kicking back at the bullies; Mallard, Hodgson and Hipkins