Why do they lie?

I was waiting for Goff to claim that Clark never had DPS with her at Parliament and he obliged this morning….

Goff – wrong, wrong, wrong

Labour and Phil Goff have done it again.

They’ve continued their petty attack on the PM’s security in this morning’s Herald, despite the Budget overspend being larger under the last Labour Government than it has been under National.

Worse for them, is Phil Goff has waded in again, after previously saying he’d kit out the DPS with Triumph motorbikes.

He commented this morning:

“It’s a case of sensible judgment when you’re in the precincts of Parliament and on holiday. It’s not necessary.”

Goff said he had seen the DPS bodyguards working in the corridors of Parliament and in Parliament’s gym – an unprecedented development.

He’s clearly been set up.  Because he is dead wrong. Five photos attached – and this was just a cursory search.  Labour should have researched this before allowing their current Leader to lie to New Zealanders.

Goff gets it wrong

So Clark did have security with her in Parliament!

Check out the next photo. This is entering the Cabinet Meeting Room at parliament buildings February 14, 2005, arguably the most secure room in new Zealand. And yet she has a DPS person with her there. She really was afraid of her own ministers!

Helen Clark and DPS bodyguard in Beehive

Labour’s claim that this is something new is just another part of this desperate smear and founded in the pathetic hope that people have short memories and can’t use Google Image Search. It is simply beyond reason, given how much Clark was hated in broader New Zealand, that she didn’t need the DPS around her all the time.

Unlike the Labour Party, the current Prime Minister is smart enough not to try to micro-manage the police and tell them how to do their jobs.


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  • kevin

    Whats up with Goff? Is he really this silly? And the NZ Herald just suck it all up as fact. Amazing and thank you for this research.

    • titanuranus

      Yes Kev, Goff really is that fucking stupid,sad but true.
      The old adage,don`t let the facts get in the way of a story,is still the medias motto even more so in the race for ratings.

  • peterwn

    By the way, boycott the White Heron dairy. You do not want to be do your shopping at a place that blabs your private affairs round town. Sam Singh needs a good kick in the bum.

    I bet Kirks’ staff do not blab about what their rich clients buy, etc.

  • giblet

    Whale, I once had to visit Helen Clark for business at her Mt Eden home. At that time the DPS used to use her garage as its base when she was home, but it became so crowded and unsuitable that DPS eventually rented a house across the road from Clark to use as their base.

    The owner of this property was very sad when Clark lost the election because he in turn lost his DPS tenants. Why don’t you do some digging to find out how much this house cost DPS (and us) to rent?

  • spiker

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • paranormal

    Yet again the repeaters prove that Rodney was right yesterday on the Nation. They repeat this sort of drivel non story because they are just too stupid/ignorant/uneducated to report on the real issues facing new Zealand.

  • thor42

    This is yet more proof that Labour are politically and intellectually bankrupt.
    Their “policies” are shit, so they have no option but to fling crap around.

  • cadwallader

    Why Do Labour Lie?

    The reason is, like real estate agents, their entire cause-celebre is to represent a gloss on how things truly are. This cause becomes second nature and requires lies to form it,so, they lie as a first response, then they lie from a developed instinct, then they lie out of habit! But: They begin to forget when they have lied and to whom they have lied and about what they have lied. Their political life is a continuous strand of lies, half-truths (lies,) and manufactured statements of which they have no concept whether they are accurate or not, and nor do they care.

    Why Do I hate Labour?

    Read above.

    Is Labour the sole culprit?

    Sadly not.

  • grizz

    These blatant untruths Just shows why Phil Goff should not be Prime Minister. Own Goal, epic fail!

  • alex Masterley

    Giblet, the figures were published somewhere. I recall about $45k was the figure paid PA.

  • jabba

    they can’t help themselves

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  • mediatart

    The blowout under Labour was because Key insisted on security once he became leader of the opposition. Normally unheard off outside the election period.

    Jkeyll just cant fart without the DPS to clear the air

    • whafe

      mediatart: get your hand off it… You are looking sillier by the day ;)

  • deputy

    Goof has goofed again. What a tosser. That includes the duck.

    What’s left of the now soon to be defunct Labour Party can snuggle up to the Mana Party and go down the gurgler. I bet both H1 & H2 in New York are in a frenzy.

  • grantmichaelmckenna

    I have to point out in the defence of Phil Goff that it is entirely possible that he was unaware of the presence of the DPS personnel at those times, as his fear of Ms Clark was such that his entire attention was on her.