Why is Mallard's default position to lie

Most MPs go to parliament to make a difference. Most are reasonably honest or as honest as a politician can be. Few of them though deliberately make shit up or lie straight up.

Trevor Mallard isn’t one of those. Given the opportunity to speak his default position seems to be to lie.

During the 2005 election campaign Trevor Mallard told two proven lies. The first was that National was being funded by American Bagmen. When confronted with his accusation he strangely shut up and failed to produce a shred of evidence. The second lie was that the Government had sold the Skyhawks. Trevor had lied about that sale before in 2003 and he lied about it again in 2008. The Skyhawks were never sold, no monies ever received and now the government is giving away the Skyhawks as statues for towns, RSAs and cities.

This election Trevor Mallard has been appointed Labour’s campaign manager. Given his track record in telling lies it is certain that this campaign will be filled with Labour lies and especially from Trevor Mallard.

Take the other day for instance. Trevor was proclaiming Labour’s great billboard extravaganza. I commented and Trevor replied…with a lie.

Trevor Mallard liesThis is a lie.

The billboard clearly has an ‘authorisation’ on it and no parliamentary crest. All the billboards likewise carried the same authorisation.

At all times the crest has been required for Parliamentary funded material.  No crest = no Parliamentary funding.

Trevor Mallard may be confused with the billboards that Bill English ran, which did have a Parliamentary component – but this was long before Parliamentary funding of this type came into the public spotlight.

It was all within the rules of the time.

Yes it was outside the 3 months – just as Labour’s billboard campaign now is – and Labour imposed the odious Electoral Finance Act to stop it because when they were in Government it was apparently ‘cheating’.

If Trevor Mallard wants to talk about this stuff maybe he could talk a bit about the $20 million working for families advertising campaign? The same campaign the Auditor-General found breached regulations.

As I said at the beginning of this post Trevor Mallard is a liar. His default position is to lie, and I have set out why I believe that Trevor Mallard is a liar. He has a proven track record in lying. It is highly likely that anything that Trevor Mallard says is a lie, given his proven track record.

Labour are going to let a proven liar and political cripple run their campaign. Make no mistake that they will will lie when they can.


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  • royaloaks

    Mallard couldn’t lie straight in bed. Silly bugger thinks he is important. God forbid if he ever got any power again.

    • now that’s not being kind. I’m sure he’d LOVE to lie straight in bed or anywhere else right now.

  • thor42

    Nice work, WO. The Duck has been well and truly busted…… :)

  • mickrodge

    It’s become abuntantly apparent that Labour’s campaign will be based around telling as many porkies as possible & hoping against hope that enough people believe the lies to give them a chance to coerce together an MMP government full of haters, wreckers, hippies & has beens post election.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Four accusations in third par. Three links saying I lie. None mention me. Feeling ok Whale?

    • Mr. Infinity

      Feeling your age, Mallard?

    • scanner

      Thats the go Trev, just sit on the sidelines and fling shit, fucking pathetic, no wonder your gaggle can’t come up with any decent policies as you seem to spend most of your time in the gutter.
      Small wonder you lot continue to poll downhill when the goods and the message is so far past it’s sell by date.

    • The news articles might not specifically mention you but you know and I know that you were the one touting those stories at the time. I’ll get the TVNZ footage from 2005 and post that.

    • grizz

      Trev, It is like the boy who cried wolf. If you actually do say the truth, only your staunchest sycophant will believe you now. Your mouth has spewed up so much verbal diarrhoea, you might as well retire before the next election.

    • bunswalla

      The third link mentions you twice by name and quotes you extensively, for example:

      “This commitment by the US Government to facilitate the approval process once the sale is agreed is a very encouraging development. However I won’t be satisfied until I deposit the cheque into the New Zealand exchequer,” Phil Goff said.

      It seems like you’re lying. Again.

      • hagues

        I know lying lefties are so common and bland it is hard to tell one from the other, but Phil Goof and Trev the Duck are two different people.

        • bunswalla


  • Interesting that none of the allegations against John Key and Bob McMillam of Team McMillan BMW have been repeated outside the House. Mr Mallard told the House two weeks ago that if these things happened in other countries, we’d call them corruption, but has been silent since. Nor has there been an apology, even though Labour patently got its facts wrong, But why let the facts get in the way of a good opportunity to smear the PM and a businessman?

    • gazzaw

      Very good point. Around the same time Trev also promised us one morning that labour would release a real shocker in the afternoon but all we ever saw was a photo of four DPS blokes having a quick lunch & a chat. Still waiting Trev.

  • titanuranus

    I notice Trev has not denied the allegation,so any chance he could enlighten us ,why exactly is his default position, on any issue, to lie or in other words not tell the truth?
    Having said that, I realise that he is a politician ,and the the last thing a politician wants is to be caught speaking the truth.
    I mean, if a politician couldn`t lie they would have nothing to say, and we all know how they fucking love the sound of their own voice.

  • abjv

    Not always lie. Sometimes just sfifting sands. Maybe it was these sands he was standing on that have given him the mobility problems. It is hard to work out when he’s telling the truth. Or maybe it is all because he believes one thing but has to say something else. Compromised. The pity is sometime he will get one right, but will we know?

    For example of “compromised”, does he think Kiwibank should be sold off?

    There’s the …”I think that SOE’s should be able to sell off newly-fledged subsidiaries that are outside their core business, to give Kiwi mum’s and dad’s something of qualiy to invest in”

    and there’s the…”Stop asset sales”

    Would the real Trev care to clarify?