June 2011

Txts from New York

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Txt from New York: Helen and Phil chat

Txt from New York: Helen and Phil chat

The folly of List MPs

Phil Twyford is getting his knickers in a twist because Rodney stopped a car for a photo.

Since he went on and on about it, and distracted himself writing hundreds of questions to ministers here is that photo. I rang Rodney Hide and after he swore at me and called me a dirty rotten coup plotter, I asked him about Phil’s post and the alleged photo he took.

He said he did take a photo because he noticed when he was driving to a function that there were two List MPs office across the road from each other and both in an electorate they aren’t the MP for. I asked him for the photo and he sent it it. Here it is.

Phil Twyford and Tau Henare junking up the joint with their offices

So here we have an electorate with perhaps the most parliamentary representation of any electorate in New Zealand. Te Atatu is blessed with not one, not two, but three MPs. Two of the finest List MPs that parliamentary services money can buy and Chris Carter.

Rabid mouth foamer Labour lickspittle “Anne” says:

Anne on Red Alert digs a holeAs usual trying to justify and weasel out of everything. Slagging off Chris Carter as NOT a Labour MP. Just like 1984-1990 has been erased from Labour’s history books so too has Chris Carter, a man the local elected to represent Labour in Te Atatu.

She notes that ALL List MP s have offices in their respective electorates. There is a massive flaw in her argument. List MPs are the creatures of the party and do not have electorates. Though following her line of argument that they ALL have offices you do have to wonder how many Phil Twyford has? After all he was the man for Mt Albert until Phil’s mate needed a job, then he was the man for Auckland Central until David’s girlfriend wanted to stand there, and then he was the man for Waitakere until the unions spiked him and now it appears he is the man for Te Atatu after Judith said she didn’t come back.

Perhaps an easier question to ask, one with a shorter answer would be, Which electorates in Auckland hasn’t Phil Twyford had an office in?


NZPF and Perry Rush

Yesterday I revealed that school principals are milking the taxpayer of $6 million a year to implement literacy and numeracy programmes – on top of very nice salaries, thank you very much.

So that’s an extra $2000 a year each in their pocket – while one in five kids can’t read, write or do maths.

Some of these troughers then have the audicity to say they are going to protest at MoE offices tomorrow against National Standards.

So will they hand back their $2000 perk at the same time?

These people are hiding behind school boards – but the truth is, as repeatedly disclosed by me, that this is a front for union anti-government action and law-breaking.

Principals are safe in the knowledge that any attempt at not doing as they are told is going to result in boards getting the sack. Meanwhile the principals will continue to cream it.

First to hand back thousands of dollars, which I think should be back-dated, should be long-term agitator Perry Rush, principal of Island Bay School and NZEI/NZPF activist, who is one of the ringleaders. I’ve outed him many times.

Rush was also among a number of NZEI/NZPF activists plotting to take over the School Trustees Assocation.

Now I can reveal Rush is flying around the country with his NZEI chums spreading the anti-government message. And thanks to the sensible principal who pointed this out via the tipline.

Perry Rush on the speaking circuit?

This bullshit is nothing more than leftie job protection. They’re scared that the principals who can’t perform will be found out. And when kids leave school and can’t read and write – tough – give me my $2000.

What principals fear most is the Education Review Office. So I thought I’d do a bit of digging on their website. And what a pleasant surprise. It seems the President of NZPF, and one of the biggest public haters of National Standards, Peter Simpson, has quietly implemented them so well in his school that ERO gave them a glowing review.

“Teachers have set targets to raise achievement levels in this area. At the time of this review, students were making good progress towards meeting these targets. The school is well placed to report student progress and achievement against National Standards by the end of the year.”


“Reports to students and parents clearly explain progress and achievement against national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics and how the parent and child can contribute to future improvements. The school is well placed to report this information to parents using national standards by the end of the year. “

So well done Peter.

This shows what a farce this protest is. It has nothing to do with kids. It’s all about union dinosaurs who’ve gotten used to nine years of a Labour Government which was too scared to hold them to account.

Party’s over, Perry. Pay back the $2000.

H&X: A Dog's Tale

Henrietta & Xena: A Dog's Tale

Shearer shoots! He Scores! Oops!

David Shearer has a post up at Red Alert waxing lyrical about an initiative at MIT.

Met with Stuart Middleton at the Manukau Institute of Technology today, the driver behind NZ’s first tertiary high school where students are simultaneously enrolled at school and MIT. The idea is that they transition from school, where most are about to leave anyway, and pick up a course at MIT. It’s a model that deserves copying.

Mainly because students can see some outcome of their learning – and therefore get really passionate about it – the Tertiary High boasts impressive success. Their latest results for NCEA Level 1 for Maori and Pasifika are below, and remember this is from a group that otherwise were on the path to dropping out of school.


Nationally – 60.8% at MIT – 80%


Nationally – 54% at MIT – 71%

Pretty good results. We have a 20% drop out rate in NZ – 20% of 16 year olds are no longer at school. The big factor, according to Stuart, seems to be that once kids drop out it’s really difficult to pick them up again. Instead if they move to some other learning, it doesn’t matter which so much, but one that gives a qualification, the chances are incredibly high that they go on to another qualification.

Not rocket science, perhaps, but a scheme that’s based on principles worth instituting into policy.

Shearer says this is an idea worth copying – hang on a minute!

Shearer thinks it’s a great idea to keep teenagers at school or college who are at risk of disengaging. Errr – he doesn’t know about the Youth Guarantee and Trades Academies.

And wasn’t he listening during the Budget 2011 announcements?

  • $66.5 million over four years in new funding for the wider Youth Guarantee to keep 16 and 17 year olds engaged in education and training. This will provide up to five new Trades Academies and eight new Service Academies.

This is a Government initiative – part of the Youth Guarantee and was announced by Anne Tolley. Stuart Middleton praises this on his website:

The continuing support and increased funding for the Youth Guarantee is also worthy of wholesome praise. This government appears to understand something that continues to escape other governments in other countries and quite a number of researchers and educators: the issue with disengagement and educational failure can only be addressed by our working differently. Do the same and get the same. That is not only unpalatable from a social equity position but also a considerable risk from an economic point of view.

Labour have no grasp whatsoever of education and no policies of their own – so it is nice to see they are endorsing government policies. Perhaps this is the reason why on the Education select committee they have given up the silly attacks on Anne Tolley.

Whaleleaks: Is that all you've got?

The other day i wrote about Trevor Mallard’s and Labour’s new election strategy it is called the Gnome’s Underpants Stealing plan.

When I broke the story of Labour’s appalling information and privacy security with their wide open site I fully expected that they would retaliate.

I knew they would attack my mental health, attack my employment status and attack my integrity. I also knew they would attack my site.

Yesterday I received confirmation from my third independent source that Labour has put out a contract amongst the hacking community to deface or take down my site. All sources confirm that the job has a price and that senior Labour figures are the ones requesting the attack.

They will of course deny it, but the simple fact is that people are talking and people are angry that such a job is out there. Two of my snitches are left leaning, one is a Green member. They were appalled by the suggestion.

I have been told that no one as yet has accepted the job. Labour and their conduits are being turned down flat.

Which gets me back to Labour’s Underpants Stealing Plan.

So here is Duck’s cun­ning cam­paign plan to defeat a blogger in an asymmetrical war he can’t win, following the Underpants Stealing plan:

  1. Hack Whale’s site
  2. ?
  3. Win votes

Yep that’ll work. But seriously, I’m flattered that they hate me so much and think I am such a threat that they will put out a contract to hack my site. Excuse me while I just laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

I mean seriously? Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?

Maybe Len should apply

Looks like Ban Ki Moon is in a spot of bother just after being re-appointed.

A damning report on Ban Ki-Moon has suggested he is overly secretive, tries to censor criticism and allows backroom deals to dictate who gets some top UN jobs, days after he was granted a second term.

The UN Secretary-General is accused of presiding over an “opaque” system, in which senior officials are hired after vacancies are not properly advertised and applicants’ backgrounds are not always checked.

Mr Ban, who was eased into a second term earlier this month with no opposition, has not increased transparency in hiring practices, a report by the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) found.

When confronted with its findings, his office attempted to make changes that “simply eviscerate the entire report” and demanded that their comments on it be kept secret, it said.

The JIU, a team of up to 11 inspectors elected by the UN general assembly, examines various aspects of the UN with the aim of “enhancing the efficiency” of its international operations.

It was asked almost two years ago to investigate the “effectiveness, coherence, timeliness and transparency” of hiring in the UN Secretariat, the executive body headed by Mr Ban.

It found that, to some member states, the Secretariat’s hiring practice “is seen as opaque, raising many questions as to how the process actually works”.

While they acknowledge Mr Ban’s considerable power in making appointments, concerns were raised about the behind-the-scenes selection process and the fact that “not all vacancies are announced or known to all member states”.

“Discretionary authority does not mean that the Secretary-General has carte blanche to avoid the process that he has established,” the report said.

“Discretionary authority should not be used as an excuse to avoid transparency”.

Looks like Len Brown and Ban Ki moon have been swapping sneaky and furtive training manuals. Sounds like a very similar operation to the the way the Auckland Council goes about its business.

After Auckland perhaps Len Brown could go on to better and bigger things, it seems the UN is well used to sneaky and furtive senior public servants.



Txts from New York

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Txt from New York: Mallard and Clark chat

Txt from New York: Mallard and Clark chat

Poor Duck, he's stuffed now

Phil Goff has the reverse midas touch. Everything he touches turns to crap. Today it is the turn of the crippled campaign manager to receive the healing hand of Phil Goff.

If things this year could get any worse for Duck they did today. After crashing off his bike, busting his shoulder and his leg, then having a rush of testosterone and entering an asymmetrical battle he can’t win with a blogger, things got a whole lot worse when Phil Goff visited his electorate today.

Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff gifting votes to National

Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff gifting votes to National

Come August 15 his year will get worse when I kick his arse in a bike race.

Why doesn't he just shut up then

Phil Goff says that the referendum on MMP is for the public to decide not politicians, then he goes right ahead and keeps chucking out his views. The man can’t keep his views lined up in a single statement to the media.

He says this year’s referendum on MMP is for the public to decide, not politicians.

Nice one Phil, you should have stopped right there, but nope, you just blundered right on in.

But Mr Goff says one change he would support is to stop parties that get under five percent support being able to bring in other MPs if they manage to win an electorate seat.

“You get somebody like Rodney Hide elected in Epsom and he can coat-tail four other MPs after him whereas any party that gets under five percent normally wouldn’t have representation.”

Last election ACT managed to return to Parliament with five MPs despite getting fewer party votes the New Zealand First.

Perhaps Phil Goff doesn’t see himself as a politician. I note that he doesn’t  mention that Labour got into power off the back of Peter Dunne in Ohariu doing the same thing and Jim Anderton as well snuck in extra MPs. For a person who doesn’t believe in politicians meddling in the MMP referendum Phil Goff sure has a lot to say.

This looks Labour and Phil Goff have really decided to run with Duck’s Stealing Underpants campaign plan.